First Camping Trip

We had our first camping trip in our folding camper this weekend and managed without too many dramas. We had planned to leave Saturday morning but after losing the keys to the hitch lock, trying to find all of our necessary camping bits we managed to set off at 3pm without any lunch.

The camper was very easy to setup, and leveling was a lot easier than we had imagined. We had bought a new travel cot on FridaMore feeding shots y so it was the ultimate test to see if it actually fitted or not and how the sleeping arrangements were going to work. In the end we decided that Charlotte would sleep on the other side without the matress below the cot. However at 1AM when Charlotte decided to wake it was very difficult to get her out without making her more upset. So we have decided that she will have to sleep on the floor between the two beds.

The other thing that we had underestimated was the cold! It was probably about 6 degrees or so and when you are outside without much cover this is quite cold. Narelle and I had our feather king size quilt so we were swimming in feathers and quite warm, but Charlotte only had a small sleeping bag that fits over her arms and three blankets which was not enough in hind sight and took her about an hour to settle down and go back to sleep after her feed. In the end we had to turn on the gas cooker to heat up the camper a bit. Once we had done this she was soon off to sleep.

The camp site that we chose was very good, not really the budget camping that we will be doing on our big trip but we have to ease our selves into this. It was quite funny putting up our small folding camper between the 22 foot caravans with satellite TV, air conditioning and heating with full kitchen and bathroom facilities. And the comments people make as they pass by like, thats cute, oh look at that isn’t that handy! I guess we will have to get used to the additional attention for now. I think when summer kicks in more folding campers will be out and about.