In Spain for Daves 30th Birthday

We are currently in Sitges (20km south of Barcelona, Spain) celebrating Dave’s 30th Birthday.

We arrived last Sunday (20th) and have had such a relaxing week so far doing very little but some tourist stuff. Dave’s birthday is on Saturday so we get to celebrate in full style then. Today we go to Barcelona where we saw Gaudi’s unfinished church and another amazing architecture. We will go back tomorrow and get to the famous Guell park.

We  have a lot of photos so we hope to upload these once we get back to Cheltenham, stay tuned.

Back from Vienna

After a very busy/cold week Narelle and I arrived back from the half work (for me) and half holiday (for Narelle) trip to Vienna, Austria. Image

We flew via Amsterdam; where we had to wait 2.5 hours for each connecting flight to and from Birmingham & Vienna. The airport is huge, and there is plenty of shopping to be done.

On the way back our bag did not make the connection even after a 45 minute delay; Only to be told that this is usual from Amsterdam! Other than this small drama everything went very smoothly.

Vienna was great, very cold, mostly below zero but the week was sunny. Narelle did a lot of touring through the museums and art galleries, we managed to pick up a very trendy wine decanter (not crystal but cool all the same). The photo on this page was taken by Narelle on one of her trips. Narelle is at work at the moment so I cant tell you what the building in the photo is, I think its the Winter Palace, but can’t be sure.

I managed to see Vienna by… Continue reading