Viva La France – Paris

Sunday, 31 July 2005

After 18 months in the UK we finally get to Paris.

The trip was arranged as a surprise for Scott Olney (our next door neighbour)[photopress:Paris_P1010348.JPG,thumb,alignright]who turned 27 on Sunday 31st July. The idea was to get as far as we could without Scott finding out that we were coming on tour…

The plan worked perfectly, we managed to check in, get seats in front of Scott and Ains, board the plane, get off the plane, board a bus to the airport, go through passport control and get our bags without him seeing us! On the bus he stood no more than a meter (one yard for the brits) away from us, we passed him in the passport check queue – twice! and yet he still managed to miss us.

We finally got out of the airport – not sure how as we must have looked highly suspicious! We had a sign with Scott’s name on it and pretended that we were picking him up! The look on his face….. Continue reading