Guts churn, excitement and then the emptiness

What am I talking about, well its the preliminary final of the AFL, Saints V’s Swans and no one could call it, we were quietly confident that it would be a Saints win, and after 2 hours it was…

The Swans! They that blew us away in the last quarter, kicking seven goals to none! The players didn’t know what had hit them – and nor do the supporters, there are a lot of angry and upset people, we got as close this year as we did last year, and things will come our way, just not this year.

I am disappointed, but the better team won on the day, a very dangerous team that will probably come close to winning the flag.

I think there were too many players that did not pull their weight and will be traded (or dropped) at the end of the season. We still have a great list and can only build on what we have achieved over the last two years. We are not a Collingwood; a team that have no young talent and a lot of Senior retirements, we may have the retirements but we definitely have the talent.

Yes I am a bit flat (or empty) but there is not much that can be done about it now. Live the moment. So don’t hang your heads Sainters, be proud of giving it our all and lets try again next year with another finals series campaign under our belt.

Oh how I love the Footy season, nothing can be predicted!



Saints through! Phew!

The Saints have managed to pull of one of their best wins of all time! They were eight point victors over our nemesis team Adelaide Crows. Who in 1997 beat the Saints in the Grand Final.

So revenge thus far is sweet.

The Saints will meet either Sydney or Geelong in the first Preliminary Final on the 16th Sept 2005, a Friday night game – which is unusual as many thought it would be Saturday or Saturday Night.

We are one more win from the Grand Final, and two wins from our second premeirship cup! I can’t wait, I can’t watch, and I have no idea what I am going to do this weekend without my team playing! Maybe watch the last ashes test match here in England.


UK Visa Dramas

Well our time here is drawing to an end, our Working Holiday Visas expire on the 23rd Dec this year and it looks like getting an extension to this is going to be almost impossible without going back to Australia!

We have just discovered that the Working Holiday Visa cannot be extended while we are in the country, we can’t even get the work permit approved. This all has to be done at Home with the British Embassy to approve the final visa.

So we are not sure what we should do, should we end now and get the last bit of travel in before heading home? Should be go through all the red tape to stay in the UK? Should I apply for a ‘Highly Skilled Migrant Visa’?

This decision is made a lot harder in the fact that work here is not great, the company is small minded and cheap (we don’t even have a receptionist to answer the phones – they pay us £15+ an hour to answer the phones – their loss).

I have started a poll – so let us know what you think.

Anyway we will keep you informed of what we choose to do.