Phantom Footballers

A weekend away – jam packed with songs, action, dancing, funny costumes, fights and tears. And that was just the football! Photos can be found here

Last weekend saw us heading to London – courtesy of the wonderful National Express Bus Service – that’s right the 412 did it again! We headed into London on Friday afternoon with Scott and Ains and dear Jilly (Ains’ mum).

Friday night saw us headed into Brick Lane where we had planned to barter, heckle and wheel the cheapest way into one of the many curry houses in this area. The first chap who ambushed us sold us a great deal – first round of drinks free and 25% off. That did the trick – we were in! We had a great feed and rolled our way back to Oxford Circus where we were staying. We then had to heave our Indian swollen bellies up the 6 flights of stairs to our apartment…. Continue reading

Oh ‘deer’ no AFL

After the last match of the season (played a couple of weekends ago) in which our team was not a part of, we decided we need to get out and see more of the local countryside; a deer farm sounded like the perfect start…

We went to Bristol to watch the Grand Final being played out between Sydney and West Toast, and it was a tight and scrappy game, which saw Sydney the unlikely victors. We were with Scott, Ains and Jill (Ains mum) who are all West Toast supporters. So I did feel for them, but this is the second year that the Saints have lost to the winning team, we just need to get a step closer.
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