Another Week goes flying by

[photopress:IMG_0004.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Another week has passed us by and Charlotte is a week older. She is slowly changing, getting bigger, more alert and her lungs are definitely improving as she can now really scream! As you all should know by now we have bought a camper (see the previous post) which will pick up on Tuesday. We have registered for Glastonbury as well, and tickets go on sale on the 1st April so we will be buying our tickets plus Alison’s (our baby sitter ;-)

[photopress:img_0002.jpg,thumb,alignright]We have had Cath & Flip this weekend which has been really good, and an eye opener for them, hopefully we haven’t scared them too much. We managed to fit in a trip to Stow, Bourton-on-the-Water and Cheltenham. Today we slept in till 10am, and then headed into Cheltenham for lunch at Chilli Jam[photopress:img_0007.jpg,thumb,alignleft]. After this we walked to the parks and Dave even found and drank the spa water – which is the same as Bath – disgusting! We even stumbled across a large group of Moris Dancers who where giving a grand show to all that were around.

[photopress:img_0019.jpg,thumb,alignright]This week sees Dave take his Paternity leave, a little late but it has fitted in really well. We are also off to get Charlotte’s tongue-tie fixed up on Wednesday, which is a simple procedure of snipping the frenulum (without any anaesthetic) which apparently is the best way to go. [photopress:IMG_0005.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Once the procedure is complete Charlotte is given to Narelle for immediate feeding which is supposed to reduce the pain and breast milk has healing properties which will benefit Charlotte. Hopefully this will ease the pain of breastfeeding and also reduce Charlottes colic (so fingers crossed).

[photopress:IMG_0029.jpg,thumb,alignright]Daves Parents arrive on Thursday for a month or so, which we are looking forward to, we also have to determine what they will be called, Narelles parents are Nana and Pop; Daves dad wanted G-Par (as his name is Geoff) but we are unsure of this at the moment. Will let you know what we choose soon.

Not too many photos this week, the weather here has been pretty bad so we haven’t gone out all that much with the camera.

Dave, Narelle & Charlotte.

We’ve Bought A Camper

[photopress:b67b_1.JPG,thumb,alignright]We have always said that we would never tow anything, ever! But when we looked closer at the secondhand camper-van market, we came to realise that you really get what you pay for, and for the budget that we are on, you basically get a 15 year old rust bucket that is probably not that safe to drive. We even had an RAC vehicle check done on a camper and the report came back with 50+ negatives and the guy doing the inspection refused to test drive the van as it was not road worthy!

[photopress:b71e_1.JPG,thumb,alignleft]So after much deliberation we decided to buy a newer car with all the mod-cons such as air conditioning and to pull a camper trailer. And yesterday we found and have agreed to buy a 1996 Conway Challenger Folding Camper off a great family, Sue and Dave.

The advantage of the folding camper (as we keep telling ourselves) is that we don’t need any modifications to our car (just a tow bar which was fitted today) and because of the compact size it is easy to tow especially for first timers like our selfs. The camper has a gas hob and sink with electric pump, two double beds, table, full size awning and sun canopy. The camper is in excellent condition and is credit to the previous & current owners. Dave and Sue have two very well behaved daughters, Emily and Kate who helped demonstrate the camper and even made us a cup of tea! So thanks to you all and we look forward in seeing you on Tuesday.

The photos here are from Dave & Sue, we will post some more pics once we pick up the camper.

[photopress:ba9f_1.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:be35_1.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:c18e_1.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:c24a_1.JPG,thumb,pp_image]
Dave, Narelle & Charlotte.

She is getting bigger!

[photopress:img_0377.jpg,thumb,alignleft]It has been an interesting week. It snowed (properly) here in Cheltenham for the first time this season and it hung around for a couple of days. [photopress:img_0365.jpg,thumb,alignright]We received about 10cm of snow on the Wednesday night and had a bit of a walk through the snow with Charlotte. Being Australian snow is always an exciting event.
[photopress:img_0351.jpg,thumb,alignleft]And on Saturday Night we had our first early night of 9:30pm! However this was after with one of the worst nights on Friday where we didn’t get to sleep before 2am! So we are not sure of the things to come but we finally got some decent sleep before midnight and we are hoping that this is the trend.

[photopress:img_0420.jpg,thumb,alignright]We also visited our friends Carl & Vic on the weekend and finally got to see Dougie! He was a little jaundice (yellow) as you can see in the photos. Seeing the two of them together reminded us of how far we have gone and how big she has become in the last couple of weeks. [photopress:img_0421.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Dougies cry is also an octave or two lower than Charlotte which would be nice let me assure you. A special mention must also go to Will, Dougies big brother as he was so good with both Dougie and Lottie.

We also need to welcome another baby into the family, a good friend of Narelles, Nic & Brenden Parker gave birth to a baby girl, we are not sure of the weight or name at this stage, we will update when we have more details. Our weekends are filling up again, this weekend we will see our good friends Cath & Flip who are flying in from Amsterdam, then they will be followed by Daves parents who get Thursday week. We will keep you posted on all the adventures.

Again we have updated our photos, so please check them out.

Lots of Love

Dave, Narelle & Charlotte.

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Yesterday was Charlotte’s One Month Birthday (four weeks exactly, I know its not the 9th…), and hasn’t the time flown. It also marks the birth date of our friends Dave & Anne Merrin who gave birth to their second child Joseph Andrew, weighing 6Lb 15oz born at 12:44 almost exactly a month apart from Charlotte. You can keep up with the progress of Dave & Anne and their new arrival by visiting their website.

[photopress:sample_popup.jpg,thumb,alignleft] We have also updated our web site with a new feature, if you click on a thumbnail you will get a cool looking popup that shows the larger image, rather than taking you to the gallery image. This is the first in a line of changes that we will be making over the next few months. If you have any problems with this feature then please let us know. Sometimes the popup takes a while to display, so please be patient.

Week 4!

[photopress:img_0166.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Not much to report this week. Relatively quiet on the baby front; except between 9pm and Midnight! We think Charlotte may have a dose of colic where she just screams and screams. We have a few solutions that seem to work, the pram/push chair puts her to sleep most times as does the sling; and we can always just feed her to sleep (although we think that just makes things worse).

[photopress:img_0178.jpg,thumb,alignright]Weather here at the moment is great, cold nights warm days and finally blue sky. This weekend we realised that we have not taken any photos this week! So we managed 135 in two days! Of course we have to filter out a few but we have updated our photos for your enjoyment.

We went shopping yesterday (Sat) [photopress:img_0204.jpg,thumb,alignleft] where we purchased a few things for our friends Carl & Vic who have just had a baby boy, Dougie Carl, Congratulations to you (if you are reading this) and we look forward in catching up soon.

After a hectic time in high street we headed to one of the parks in Cheltenham where we had a very relaxing picnic. Today (Sun) we had breakfast in another of our favourite coffee houses in Cheltenham; Mocha (which is located in Suffolk Place); who have just launched a new menu of sandwiches and panini’s. [photopress:img_0225.jpg,thumb,alignright] After a great relaxing breakfast we went to the Cotswold Water Park and walked around one of the quaint villages. The Church in the photo has had some form of worship on the site for the last 1500 years, which is quite amazing. [photopress:img_0239.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Dave of course had to do the artistic photo shots. After our walk we had lunch at the Bakers Arms. We were planing to walk around one of the many lakes but it was so wet that we decided to go to Cirencester and re-visit the ducks (again – but this time from the other side of the lake). [photopress:img_0194.jpg,thumb,alignright]

We are in the process of completing Charlottes Australian Citizenship; so hopefully in the next 15 days or so she will become officially Australian. [photopress:img_0310.jpg,thumb,alignleft]We are also in the process of signing up for Glastonbury 2007! This year there is a pre-registration (online) for tickets so that your photo will be printed on the tickets; which in theory will stop people on-selling the tickets; still each year they manage to sell 137,000 tickets in a single day! [photopress:img_0272.jpg,thumb,alignright]Thats an average of 1.5 tickets a second for a full 24 hours! Everybody thinks we are mad about taking Charlotte to the festival; maybe we are; but the more you tell us the more likely we will go :-) Also Alison (Daves Sister) is looking at going so we will have Aunt Ali to look after Lottie ;-)

Hope you enjoy the update; and enjoy the photos.

Dave & Narelle & Charlotte