Baby BBQ

[photopress:img_2528.JPG,thumb,alignleft]A fabulous Saturday of sunshine was spent outside at Lorna and Andy’s – with Lottie playing nice with her new friends. Lottie and Emily were looking lovely in summer dresses and sun hats, whilst Max showed off his marvelous new skill of rolling over. [photopress:img_2516.JPG,thumb,alignright]Thanks to chef Andy who barbecued delicious food to keep us all going for the afternoon. We even had time for a group shot of the baby gang! Great food, great company and great sunshine!

More Photos can be found here. Thanks for looking.

Easter Entertainment Extravaganza!

[photopress:img_2402.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Greetings all and Happy Easter! Hope you had a good one. We have been on a social whirlwind for the last couple of weeks! With the beginning of the Easter weekend seeing us catching up with new Lottie’s new friends, Emily and Max and their mums and dads. A great time was had by all, sitting in the beer garden in the glorious sunshine.[photopress:img_2370.jpg,thumb,alignright]

We the had 10 people to lunch on Easter Sunday for a great big Sunday Roast. Thanks to Neil and Fran, Dave and Anne, Scott and Ains and Dave and Danielle for coming along. With house guests from Australia for a few days – Lottie had plenty of people to entertain her. It was wonderful to have the lovely Miss Georgie over to visit from Perth – hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! [photopress:img_2407.jpg,thumb,alignleft]And to catch up with Dave, Danielle, Connor and Rohan after nearly 4 years was also loads of fun! We spent a great bank holiday Monday at Pittville Park sharing a picnic of leftover roast chicken and again being able to bask in the gorgeous sunshine!

[photopress:img_2438.jpg,thumb,alignright]Today at Baby group Lottie was able to attempt her first piece of artwork – clever girl! And her green foot looked great printed her bright yellow paper! Lottie spent some time on the mats with Max[photopress:img_2445.jpg,thumb,alignleft] (although we are not encouraging her to get too friendly with the boys just yet!) and a casual picnic sandwich in the park with Emily and Max was lovely. We then met up with Tilde – another new playmate for Lottie (and her Mum Emma) – for coffee in town! Any excuse?!!

We have been happy snapping the last two weeks – of the lovely Lottie! Smiling, laughing and generally looking cute – so take a look at some of these pics

Short and Sweet

[photopress:img_2294.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Yes, you read correctly! This post will be short and sweet! Another week has flown by and we have managed only a few happy snaps of Lottie this week. We spent a couple of days at home last week – not doing too much at all really! We had a great day on Friday catching up with Lottie’s new playmates, Max and Emily. Their mums (Lorna and Maria) and I went to out to lunch for Lorna’s birthday – so it was a lovely treat! Good old Chilli Jam came up trumps again!

Lottie’s passport arrived in the mail last week. She is now a true blue Aussie – and we can get her home again!

We spent 2 hrs this morning trying to get Glastonbury tickets, but to ours and thousands of others – disappointment, we missed out. The phone lines and Internet servers had all jammed – and tickets sold out in just over 2 hours! It just wasn’t meant to be for us this year! Lottie will have to come over backpacking when she turns 18 to taste her own Glastonbury Festival!

Back to feeding again twice in the night, I am pretty tired – so will love and leave you all for this week so I can hit the hay! Enjoy pics of Lottie in her new pink duds sent over by her Nanna and Pop! See you next week xxx