Car Boot Sale

[photopress:IMG_2790.jpg,thumb,alignright]Sorry for the long delay in getting some additional info up on the web site. I have uploaded some photos of Charlotte from the past few days in her Bumbo Chair. We are looking at buying one for our trip so we have borrowed one to see how Charlotte goes. We have some other photos to upload which we will do in the next few days. The photos of Charlotte can be found here.
[photopress:IMG_2788.jpg,thumb,alignleft]We have been very busy packing and sorting our stuff into four piles, things to sell, things to take on our trip, things to send home and things to chuck out. Its not as easy as it sounds, especially when its a three bedroom house that we are talking about. The kitchen had the most stuff to sell and the most stuff to chuck out, in all we had about 5 boxes of stuff to take to the car boot sale plus a couple of other boxes of odds and ends as well as some adult and baby clothes that we no longer needed.

[photopress:IMG_2756.jpg,thumb,alignright]We have never been a seller at a boot sale; we both have had experience as kids with Lawn Sales in Darwin and Garage Sales in Perth but never a Car Boot Sale. The one thing that we were not prepared for was the swarm of people that hit us as we pulled up and opened the van (Thanks Scott and Tungem for the use of the van). Everybody was after mobile phones and electrical equipment, then people started rummaging through the box of clothes. We couldn’t even get the tables out of the van to setup. Most of the sales we had were in the first two hours a lot of them before we could even get stuff onto the tables.

[photopress:IMG_2751.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Charlotte at this stage was in her Push Chair (pram) and being looked after by Ains. Without Scott and Ains the Car Boot Sale would not have been as successful, and it certainly would have been a lot more stressful. It was stressful enough having to getup at 5:30am to get ready, load the van, get the baby dressed and all out of the house and down to the Cheltenham Racecourse by 7am. We managed to get there at 7:15 and ended up near the back but on a corner which I think helped our day.

[photopress:IMG_2751.jpg,thumb,alignright]At the end of the day we had managed to sell almost all of our stuff, including the bike, vacuume cleaner all crockery and most of the glass wares. The only things remained were about 6 items of clothing out of 40 items, some baby clothes and the odd glasses that didn’t form a set. None of the chipped cups or stoneware was sold and we ended chucking these items out. Note to all, people don’t by chipped items even if it means a complete set, they prefer to take 3 cups instead of 4. And items of twos don’t sell that well either. We did manage to sell a single wine glass however as the couple that bought it had just that morning broken an identical one (which we did three other times leaving this sole glass). So it is a bit of luck as well I guess.

[photopress:IMG_2761.jpg,thumb,alignleft]So the total allocation to our moving home and camping holiday fund was £205. Plus we sold the fridge at the boot sale, bought by a lovely lady named Sally (Thanks Sally) which we delivered yesterday.

Thanks again to Scott and Ains for all their help and assistance, we couldn’t have done it without your help and patience.

So the items we have left are as follows (Note the new discounts as well):
[photopress:table.jpg,thumb,centered] IKEA Pine Table & 4 chairs: Available NOW ONLY £30

[photopress:img_2604.jpg,thumb,centered]Sofas: Available NOW ONLY £40

[photopress:fit_balls.jpg,thumb,centered]Fit Balls with Video: [SOLD Thanks Sherv]
[photopress:desk.jpg,thumb,centered]Small Desk: Available NOW ONLY £10

[photopress:chair.jpg,thumb,centered]Office Char: Available NOW ONLY £10

Many thanks and we will have some pics of Charlotte up soon.

Great Stuff for Sale!

[photopress:table.jpg,thumb,alignleft]As promised here is a list of the stuff we are selling. It’s not all of it as we have a lot of other smaller items such as books, glassware, cookware that we haven’t completely sorted out yet. If you want to make us an offer then please call us.

Download Stuff For Sale!

Click the arrow to download the PDF of our Stuff For Sale! The PDF is about 2MB in size so it will take a little while to download.
Larger images are available here.


  • IKEA Pine Table & 4 chairs: Available NOW ONLY £30
  • Sofas: Available NOW ONLY £40
  • Fit Balls with Video: Available NOW ONLY £5
  • Small Desk: Available NOW ONLY £10
  • Office Char: Available NOW ONLY £10

Things we have sold; thanks to all that have helped out!

  • Philips TV: Sold [Thanks Art]
  • Bed Side Tables: SOLD [Thanks Tessa]
  • Fridge: SOLD [Thanks Sally]
  • Bookcase: SOLD [Thanks Scott & Ains]
  • Black table: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Nest of tables: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Rocking Chair: SOLD
  • Lamps: SOLD
  • Blender: SOLD
  • Vacuum Cleaner: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • kettle: SOLD [Thanks Dave D]
  • Sandwich Press: SOLD
  • Juicer: SOLD
  • Seagrass Baskets Draws: SOLD [Thanks Mandy]
  • White wicker baskets:SOLD [Thanks Mels]
  • Seagrass lined baskets: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Tent: Sold [Thanks Nik & Mandy]

We have managed two camping trips but as yet have not had the energy to put the details up on this site. Will hopefully find some additional energy this weekend.

Hope to have a further update soon.

The download icon has been provided by the Tango Icon Gallery

Coming Home

It’s official we’re coming home!!

Narelle resigned from her job this week – and we are leaving the UK to start the long journey home on the 21st of June.

We are taking our folding camper and the lovely Lottie and travelling through Europe for 4 and a half months! Yep – you read right – 4.5 months camping, with a baby, in Europe over Summer! We are either very brave or very stupid! We’ll let you know!

We’ll be posting regular updates throughout our journey – so you can keep an eye on us!

We are now on a mission to sell lots of our gear, sort out the rubbish and send home some good bits!

Check back here soon for a list of items you may like to buy!

Slack Campers

Hi all!

Apologies – we realise we have not updated for nearly 3 weeks now – so for this we say, sorry!

We had our first dummy run two weekends ago – camping in our new folding camper!

We plan on having 3 nights away this weekend with a heater this time – so hopefully Lottie will be a happier camper!

Our pics are still on the camera which I don’t have right now – so you will have to wait a bit longer for some new photos. We will post a new bunch next week after our weekend away. But hope you are all well and happy and stay tuned for next week’s proper update!

Bye for now

xxx N