Casual Cycle

We had nice weather on Monday in Gotland. Emma and Charlie had a great idea for the day. ‘Let’s hire bikes and go for this lovely little casual cycle around a small island off Gotland. We can rent bikes and ride them onto the free barge that takes you over the other side. We know a really nice cafe to have lunch in, a bit more of a ride and coffee in the afternoon – then back on the barge.’ We had Charlie’s folks staying too, so Will and Jen were keen to go for a ride also – so off we went.

Poor little Charlotte – we still couldn’t get a helmet to fit her, so we nervously strapped her into a kiddie seat and pedalled off towards the boat. The riding on the other side was great – fairly flat (or so we thought!) and we seemed even to have tailwinds that pushed us effortlessly along! We all knew it was going to

be a mission coming back if the wind didn’t change! Ohe well, let’s not think about that now, just enjoy the ride!

We stopped a great spot for lunch! It was pretty windy now and cold – but the cafe had blankets so we could sit outside and dine al fresco quite comfortably. It had been a long morning, and very tiring for Tilly and Charlotte and as we pulled our bikes into the garden at the cafe, the girls were slumped forward as asleep, in their bike seats! So cute!

After a few stops at a couple of beaches to admire the view,we pushed on. A small ‘scenic route’ took us an axtra 15 or so km and finally we were back on the r

d that took us to the ferry. It was 18 km away. As we turned into the wind, it suddenly seemed very uphill! By then, we were all complaining (except Charlie – buns of steel!) that our butts were sore. Our legs were like jelly… but we were determined.

Eventually about 6pm, we could see it – the ferry terminal was in sight! We’d made it! Hooray!!! After some careful calculations, we estimated we covered over 50km on our ‘little ride!’. Not bad for people who haven’t ridden a bike in years! And how many times, I hear you ask, did they get off and push?? NOT ONCE! Nope, we pedalled through the pain, we pushed it through the envelope…. we were heroes! (well, in the Barker luncbox anyway!)

A quick drink of milk for the very hungry babies (and help for their mums to get off their

ground once they had fallen there with sheer exhaustion!) and we were on the boat back again!

Thanks for a great day guys!

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