Day 6!

[photopress:imgp0162.jpg,thumb,alignright]Well its almost a week since little lottie joined our family! And it has been a big learning curve for both sides. Charlotte has been very well behaved in the last three nights (now I will jinx it) she has been sleeping for about four hours at a time between feeds; so we are catching up on some much needed sleep; although she is very unsettled before she goes down so we are not getting to bed until around midnight.

Dave has relished his first chance at bathing Charlotte with expert guidance from Narelle who has done a few baths in her time!

[photopress:imgp0130.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Charlotte had her fist trip out of the house on Saturday; to Sainsburys our local supermarket. It was a nerve racking experience and we breathed a sigh of releif when we had completed the shop and managed to get back home in one piece. Who thought that shopping could be so exhausting. Charlotte was very well behaved, just a single yell and then she settled down and didn’t stir until we loaded her back into the car.

[photopress:imgp0143.jpg,thumb,alignright]The car thing has also been a bit of a eye opener. Because Charlotte has to face backwards we can’t see what position she is in; when we arrived at Sainsburys she had fallen forward a bit and had the seatbelt mark on her face! As she gets bigger this will improve I am sure but for now we are not that comfortable in driving.

The second trip at 5 days old was to Mass at our local church. The priest came running up the center isle to say hello and to bless Charlotte, and then as Mass began he welcomed the new 5 day old parishioner! Then at the end of Mass Fr Alan again mentioned Charlotte! So we have a star in the making :-)

We will try and keep the site up to date as much as possible. We have uploaded a few more photos for you to browse through.