Time is flying!

[photopress:img_0088.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Wow! It is almost three weeks since [tag]Charlotte[/tag] screamed into our lives! Time is moving so fast. This week we have seen off the in laws, I mean saw them leave, back for Australia. It has been difficult to fill the void that they have left; we now have to do the washing up, vacuuming and change the baby’s nappies! I mean for goodness-sakes; it’s not like we are parents or anything (that is still sinking in).

[photopress:img_0113.jpg,thumb,alignright]We have been trying to take Lottie out as much as we can, so that we get used to this new fashion accessory. And so far so good. We celebrated Ainsly’s 29th Birthday today (she is getting old!) by having brunch at one of Cheltenham’s greatest little cafe called “Chilly Jam”; [photopress:img_0156.jpg,thumb,alignleft] located on London Road just off High Street; almost next door to our favorite (Thai) eating place “The Vine”. Both don’t have web sites at the moment but we can highly recommend both. Charlotte behaves so well when she is out, a couple of crys and a feed later she is quiet and very content, taking in her surroundings.

[photopress:img_0017.jpg,thumb,alignleft] We have found that our evenings and weekends don’t last very long anymore; we are either asleep or playing with our daughter! Night time is slowly getting better; last Saturday night we had a seven hour straight sleep from 10pm-5am! which is the longest so far. [photopress:img_0122.jpg,thumb,alignright] Not sure if this is a sign of things to come or just a once off. So far tonight Lottie went down at 7pm and its now 11:30pm and she is still asleep; maybe she will wake and expect play time! Time will tell.

We had forgot to mention on our earlier posts that we have now registered Charlotte’s birth, so she has an official British Birth Certificate; and thats as far as their (the British) hospitality goes. So at the moment Charlotte is a woman without a country! We are in the process of making her an Australian Citizen; but for now she is country-less.

[photopress:Charlotte_Thankyou.jpg,thumb,alignright][photopress:img_0157.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Thanks again to every one for their gifts! Lottie is so very spoilt! We have updated the web site with some more photos. Our plan is to have an update each Sunday night our time, in time for your Monday morning coffee.

As always we have updated the site with more photos!

All our love

Dave & Narelle.