Week 4!

[photopress:img_0166.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Not much to report this week. Relatively quiet on the baby front; except between 9pm and Midnight! We think Charlotte may have a dose of colic where she just screams and screams. We have a few solutions that seem to work, the pram/push chair puts her to sleep most times as does the sling; and we can always just feed her to sleep (although we think that just makes things worse).

[photopress:img_0178.jpg,thumb,alignright]Weather here at the moment is great, cold nights warm days and finally blue sky. This weekend we realised that we have not taken any photos this week! So we managed 135 in two days! Of course we have to filter out a few but we have updated our photos for your enjoyment.

We went shopping yesterday (Sat) [photopress:img_0204.jpg,thumb,alignleft] where we purchased a few things for our friends Carl & Vic who have just had a baby boy, Dougie Carl, Congratulations to you (if you are reading this) and we look forward in catching up soon.

After a hectic time in high street we headed to one of the parks in Cheltenham where we had a very relaxing picnic. Today (Sun) we had breakfast in another of our favourite coffee houses in Cheltenham; Mocha (which is located in Suffolk Place); who have just launched a new menu of sandwiches and panini’s. [photopress:img_0225.jpg,thumb,alignright] After a great relaxing breakfast we went to the Cotswold Water Park and walked around one of the quaint villages. The Church in the photo has had some form of worship on the site for the last 1500 years, which is quite amazing. [photopress:img_0239.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Dave of course had to do the artistic photo shots. After our walk we had lunch at the Bakers Arms. We were planing to walk around one of the many lakes but it was so wet that we decided to go to Cirencester and re-visit the ducks (again – but this time from the other side of the lake). [photopress:img_0194.jpg,thumb,alignright]

We are in the process of completing Charlottes Australian Citizenship; so hopefully in the next 15 days or so she will become officially Australian. [photopress:img_0310.jpg,thumb,alignleft]We are also in the process of signing up for Glastonbury 2007! This year there is a pre-registration (online) for tickets so that your photo will be printed on the tickets; which in theory will stop people on-selling the tickets; still each year they manage to sell 137,000 tickets in a single day! [photopress:img_0272.jpg,thumb,alignright]Thats an average of 1.5 tickets a second for a full 24 hours! Everybody thinks we are mad about taking Charlotte to the festival; maybe we are; but the more you tell us the more likely we will go :-) Also Alison (Daves Sister) is looking at going so we will have Aunt Ali to look after Lottie ;-)

Hope you enjoy the update; and enjoy the photos.

Dave & Narelle & Charlotte