She is getting bigger!

[photopress:img_0377.jpg,thumb,alignleft]It has been an interesting week. It snowed (properly) here in Cheltenham for the first time this season and it hung around for a couple of days. [photopress:img_0365.jpg,thumb,alignright]We received about 10cm of snow on the Wednesday night and had a bit of a walk through the snow with Charlotte. Being Australian snow is always an exciting event.
[photopress:img_0351.jpg,thumb,alignleft]And on Saturday Night we had our first early night of 9:30pm! However this was after with one of the worst nights on Friday where we didn’t get to sleep before 2am! So we are not sure of the things to come but we finally got some decent sleep before midnight and we are hoping that this is the trend.

[photopress:img_0420.jpg,thumb,alignright]We also visited our friends Carl & Vic on the weekend and finally got to see Dougie! He was a little jaundice (yellow) as you can see in the photos. Seeing the two of them together reminded us of how far we have gone and how big she has become in the last couple of weeks. [photopress:img_0421.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Dougies cry is also an octave or two lower than Charlotte which would be nice let me assure you. A special mention must also go to Will, Dougies big brother as he was so good with both Dougie and Lottie.

We also need to welcome another baby into the family, a good friend of Narelles, Nic & Brenden Parker gave birth to a baby girl, we are not sure of the weight or name at this stage, we will update when we have more details. Our weekends are filling up again, this weekend we will see our good friends Cath & Flip who are flying in from Amsterdam, then they will be followed by Daves parents who get Thursday week. We will keep you posted on all the adventures.

Again we have updated our photos, so please check them out.

Lots of Love

Dave, Narelle & Charlotte.