Tropical Island Stopover

[30-dec-2003 till 3-jan-2004]

Well, we finally made it to our luxury island. Although the flight to Singapore was only 5 hours- lack of sleep made it pretty painful. After a 4 hour wait at the ferry terminal in Singapore we boarded a ferry to Bintan Island. It was very rough and Narelle needed the blue plastic bag! We shall say no more. Our hotel was very large and we were initially disappointed as our room was pretty basic and not really clean. Still we had a king size bed, cable TV and bar fridge – all we needed really.

Our visit on the island consisted of – sleeping, watching mindless and endless cable TV, eating Indonesian cuisine and daily evening cocktails. oh we also really pushed ourselves to laze on banana lounges by the pool! Very tricky. The beach was too rough for swimming – little did we know it was monsoon season! They had these poor chaps whose job was to rake the beach. They were down on the sand every morning raking up all the garbage that was washed ashore each night. Thongs (the flip flop variety!), bottles toothbrushes, pvc piping – you name it! The day spa and golf courses proved to be too expensive so we opted for a beach massage. This involved lying on a thin mat in a cobana type structure on the beach. (see pics!) They worked us both so hard that we felt sore for a day or two afterwards!

On New Years Eve we attended the “Gala Dinner” – the whole hotel lobby was transformed with tables over 400 people had booked for the night. Dinner was buffet and went on for 6 or so hours. Each table had tiaras, crowns, top hats, leis, confetti to throw and came complete with great band, fire eater and belly dancers! We sat with Perth people that we had met. Special thanks to Zorin and Ma… (apologies for not getting your name right), Michael and Tanya and Murray and Tatiana. Also to the two Gorgeous Isabellas! We had a great time!