In Transit!


Well, after arriving at the airport at 0445am we were told by Qantas staff that we were not booked on the plane together! Nice start to the morning! Apparently they had a Mrs Barker on one booking and a Mr Barker on another. Not together! The plane was from Sydney and was full so we nearly didn’t get two seats. Eventually they figured something out and we sat in the middle of a four seat row, behind each other. I met two lovely Belgian girls (see pics) who had been travelling around oz for three months and were now on their way home. Their names are Greet pronounced (hhrreeet!) and Joke (pronounced yerrrker!) After many giggles and attempts – we sorted that out! Greet is a nurse and Joke a nursery teacher – so we had lots to talk about. The long thirteen hour flight was (as expected) crap – I watched Finding Nemo twice, Uptown girls (quite funny actually!), Finding Dickie, Nowhere to run and played a bit of solitaire! Finally, finally arrived at Heathrow.

Now, Qantas in Singapore were very apologetic for their stuff up and said we could use the British Airways Lounge in London. They said they would Telex them to let them know. Well, of course – there was NO telex. After catching a bus to take us from arrivals to transits we went to three different desks (at opposite ends and different floors of the airport!) to try to get in to the lounge. We were told No, Qantas don’t have the authority to say we can enter but to try at the lounge itself. Well, that was a piece of cake, a dear little old guy said, no worries in you go! Again – the truth was bent a little as were on our honeymoon! It got us in and we spent our five hour wait in comfort.

We were the worst dressed there, with no laptop or mobile so we felt very out of place. Still, we were able to make use of the bar (the Baileys and ice went down a “free treat”), free internet and lovely bathrooms. Not only did they have hand soap – but hand moisture cream as well! We ate merely because we were bored – but it was all free! So posh! So appreciated! Eventually, our flight was called to Rome off we go again!! At least this flight in only two and a half hours! Piece of cake!

Dave & Narelle