We have moved!

Grove View Kilkenny

Well we are rapidly approaching the start of our 109 day camping trip! We have three major steps to get there, the first was to sell our stuff, the second was to move out of Kilkenny (our three bed cottage in the cotswolds) and the third is to get the camper ready for our trip.

Well we are pleased to announce that we have sold all of our stuff and we have moved out of Kilkenny! The remaining items of our homely posessions were kindly picked up and paid for by a great guy named Terry. Terry called at the night before we had scheduled our move with Scott and Ains. He came around and without any hesitation agreed to purchase not only the two sofas but the table desk and chair! The last of our lot! The next night he turned up (after working a 15 hour shift) and within 15 minutes all was loaded onto his truck (lorry for those in the UK) we had the cash and he had our stuff, perfect arrangement and couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Last Wednesday (day before our wedding anniversary) the International Removers turned up, packed all of our goods (into 20 boxes) within two hours! Very fast (but not sure about the efficiency as we are no over the initial quote but at least our goods are on the way). They are supposed to be boarding a ship this week to be in Perth by the 17 July! So very fast service.

So we now have one last thing to do and that’s get the camper in order before we hit the road which is now less than three weeks away!