Busy Weekend

Piggy Back This weekend we have been busy catching up with people as will the next three weeks! So as we get Narelle and Patcloser to our final date we are getting busier and busier with social events (it’s a hard life I know). We managed to fit in Neil and Fran in Bristol and Pat in Didmartin. For a nice change the weather has been a very pleasant 22 degrees. So we enjoyed a nice lunch in the Sun at Pats with Bertie the one eyed cat and Amore (the dog). Make sure that you check out all the photos here.

We have also been busy getting Charlotte onto solids. We have finally given in, after More feeding shots she started to wake 3-4 times a night for feeds. So we started with some Organic Baby Rice with formula milk, and we have now moved onto Potato, Charlotte eating her yummy mealBroccoli, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Avocado and Banana with apple to follow in the next couple of days! So far so good, Charlotte hasn’t quite got the nack of eating off a spoon but she does enjoy it and she takes to it with great enthusiasm sometimes we can’t get the food on the spoon quick enough. As a result of starting on solids she is now sleeping so muchMore feeding shots beOpen Widetter and she is developing into a little girl, she now plays a lot more, i s rolling about and can spend more time on her tummy all things that we were worried about – yes I know first time parents and all that…

Today we managed to book our ferry crossing to France from the UK and our camp-site near Dover for two nights before we board the ferry. We are also looking at Abergavenny in Wales for a few nights before we leave.

We have also been upgrading this web site to the latest version of WordPress and also linking in Flickr so that all of our photos are managed there rather than on our site. If you don’t have a Flickr account then I suggest that you do so you can see all of our photos (not all are made public). We also hope to keep the map updated of where the photos are taken as we go around Europe.

Dave, Narelle & Charlotte.