On our way


We’re AWAY!!!!

This is going to be the shortest update ever! After leaving Cheltenham a day behind schedule (although, being on hols now we don’t really have a schedule!) – we went to Abergavenny on Fri. Our campsite www.pontkemys.co.uk was fantastic even though it was a mud pit by Monday! Thanks to Nik, Mand, Trace, Katie and Charley from work who came to wave us off! Also, we were joined by Dan and Mels, Scott and Ains, Carl, Vic , Will and Dougie – so so great to spend the weekend with you.

Monday evening saw us pull into Little Satmar Campsite (www.keatfarm.co.uk/touring-parks/) and we are leaving here this morning. After a terrible night with Lottie we are up at 6am to pack up the trusty camper and head to Dover to catch our ferry to Calais this morning.

We have plonked a load of pics on Flickr so click on photos to take a look

Will update again from somewhere in hopefully, a dry spot of France (as opposed to a wet and soggy England!)

PS actually, that ended up farily long – you know me, never short of something to say!!!