Joyeux Anniversaire Narelle!

We are currently in Saint Emilion enjoying the Bordeaux region where there is vineyard after vineyard on every corner and in almost every part of the countryside has a vineyard. We celebrated Narelles birthday at a very nice restaurant in the heart of St Emilion. Dave also cooked all of Charlottes food and did the dishes so its been a relaxing day today.

Our first stop was with the Alan and Terry (Viks parents) in St Jean De Monts. Alan and Terry were very helpful and it was really nice to have a friendly face to talk to, get ideas and give us a little more confidence for the trip. We spent five nights in all and the weather although not perfect blue sky’s (it was overcast most of the time) and even though it rained it was a nice gentle introduction into the better weather of Europe (compared to England).

For the first time in a long time we have had a chance to read our books and relax as though we are on holidays. We even managed to go for a swim. The swimming in France and most camp-sites in summer restrict access to “proper” swim attire (speedos) or as some may refer to them as Budgie Smugglers. So we had to make a special trip into the supermarket to buy some new swimwear – which will come in handy during the trip much to our dislike.

We are updating from a great bar in St Emilion called Bar Internet. We have free access for customers which is great considering that most of France is charging between 6 and 10€ per hour! This is the reason that we haven’t made an update for some time.

Charlotte is being the centre of attention everywhere we go! Tourists and French seem to love her although they comment on how little she is – Petit Bebe!! And don’t seem to believe us when we say she is 6months! (Even we can’t believe that either to be fair!) She is taking to camping quite well – not missing a beat! Taking it all in she is very inquisitive and alert all the time. we have had a couple of terrible nights but we think the wind and rain had a lot to do with it! Our other challenge here in St Emilion has been the mozzies! We had a camper full of them on Tues night so Wed saw us shopping and using our creativeness to ensure a mozzie free night! You couldv’e fuelled a bus on the citronella fumes, and we used socks and jocks to plug entry holes for them into the camper! We even spent 5 Euro on a voille curtain to use as a make shift mozzie net to go over Lottie’s cot! So, last night we all had a better sleep – coupled with a sleep in till 9am!! (a great b’day pressie!)

We will update more photos at the next opportunity.

We are off to Lourdes tomorrow – so here’s hoping to find more sun and less moquitoes!

We will be there for 4 nights and then on to the Montpellier next Tues.

Thanks for the b’day wishes and emails – it’s lovely to know you are watching us on our way!

xxx Narelle, Dave and Charlotte xx