Quick one this time!

Hi all

I promise this is a very quick update! We had already written the last post on our laptop and just uploaded it when we could get internet access. Lucky for us, we havent had to pay the 8 Euro at the campsite – and we are in the local village of Somnieres (and paying only 3 Euro for an hr!).

We drove for 463km from Lourdes on Tues to Crespian. (it is near Montpellier and Nimes). The local village of Somnieres is very medievil and the old town very cute (although pricey 4 tourists!) This campsite is lovely – set up in the tall trees although the hot weather is now upon us. It is a challenge to get the camper cool enough to put Lottie down in the evenings and she is still screaming for milk (or cuddles we are not sure which!) – frequently in the night! She has hit the 6 month mark now and this week has extended her food repertoire – now including weetabix, watermelon and today she had salmon for the first time!

Anyhow – moving on tomorrow to Italy! So , next post will update with more pics!