Bella Vista

Greetings from fabulous Bella Vista campsite. We are based in a town near Albenga, called Ceriale. We have spent most of this visit here lazing about! The sun has been glorious – hot even! And this campsite is great. The biggest pitfalls would be the dust as the pitches are hard standing and both us and all our stuff seem to be covered constantly in a film of red dust! And secondly, the noise after 10pm gets louder instead of quieter – with all the children running about madly and the bar noise which is only 2 pitches away from us! Oh well, the joys of camping. There is a great pool here and we have spent a few afternoons in and out of the water. Charlotte is getting better at putting up with the bigger kids splashing and making lots of noise and we had 2 smiles from her in the water yesterday!

This site is really busy and we are surrounded by Dutch and Belgians. The owners here are dutch so I guess that may explain it. Not one word of Italian have we had to speak here yet – as it is either Dutch or English!

Our new friends are a couple of nice lads from Holland. Rutger and Tjerd had actually already left the campsite but we found a bag they had left so we texted them and they turned up again (from France!) the next day. If you are trying to pronounce their Dutch names with a really Aussie accent, they don’t mind if you call them Roger and Cheers! Such a small world as Rutger has travelled Australia and was telling us stories about his time in Freo backpackers! Who would believe it!

We have ventured out of the site. Although the cappucinos (real ones and cheap too!) on the terrace and the pull of the sunbeds at the pool (even if you do have to rent them!) – are difficult to pass up, we had Monday out and about. We spent the day wandering along the coast checking out all the different ‘bagni’. This is a private beach where you pay to rent an umbrella, cabin for changing/leaving your stuff and sun beds. Most of them were full of bronzed Italians who rent their beachside ‘lounge rooms!’ for a month at a time. Thing is though – at 20 Euro and upwards a day it is pretty pricey.

So we have been to the supermercato and bought ourselves a big green umbrella and bamboo beach mat – to have the afternoon at the beach.
We wandered around the town of Alessio and had lunch at a lovely little trattoria. All the Italians were outside basking in the hot sun virtually naked (save for a pair of budgie smugglers or bit of string they call a bikini!), but we sat inside the darkened cool resturant and relaxed. Charlotte ate her first breadstick – or should we say, destroyed her first breadstick – with great relish. It was a nice day.

We leave tomorrow for our next destination near Perugia where we will stay until the 28th of July -where we hope to take day trips to Siena, Assissi and 4 nights in Rome (courtesy of our friends David and Karim)
Ciao for now

PS Hi and big thanks to Jens and Wendy (from Belgium) who have sent us loads of info to help plan our visit to Brugges in September. Hope to see you then guys!

Our campsite in Crespian was Camping le Mas de Reihe and has a web site here