Sightly Sienna

The campsite is only 80km from Siena so we managed a day trip where we left the campsite at 8:30am, which is a record for us since we have been on holiday (we used to managed 8am mass in Cheltenham but we haven’t even got close this holiday – too relaxed we think.

Siena is great, small village with old town walls and lots to see. Plenty of big hills to walk up too! Great for the butt! We managed to find a parking space outside the old walls on a side street only to be told twice by passing Nonna’s that we could not park on that side after 1230! So, we moved to the other side and walked into town.

After finding the main square and tourist office we mooched around the cobbled streets solo guardando (‘just looking!). We saw St Catherine’s convent and after a picnic lunch next to a Basilica di San Domenico (in the shade), we went and looked around the old fort on top of the hill overlooking the whole town. Big walk, sore butt after, but great

We paid our 3€ entrance into the Basilica and had a good look about. The artwork was amazing and we managed to see most things amidst the throngs of people! Even Charlotte got a chance to get out of the push chair and have a look and a photo with Dave. The Basilica was one of the few Catholic places that we have been that have charged like the horses that run around the main piaza in July and August. There were a total of 10 possible sites to see in the one building all with different entrances and all charging 3€; talk about captilising on your investment! Saying that they were repairing the building so the money is going to a good cause.

A stop at a gelateria ( a must on a hot summer afternoon in Italy!) then back to the campsite ended a nice day!