Leisurely Lazy Lakes

We arrived yesterday at this beautiful camp site Camping Italia Lido. It is set on the southern tip of Lake Maggiore. The facilities are basic but kept very clean; the main attraction is definately the lake.

For the first time on this vacation we are surrounded by locals (Italians); so far we have always been in the pressence of mostly Dutch and Belgian campers. This makes a change as it is challenging our Italian speaking skills (well Narelles anyway). We had coffee last night with an Italian, Silvana, who Narelle got chatting with when doing the washing up. Silvana is on vacation with her son, Manuel and her husband who is coming on the weekend. After some broken conversation we have been invited for dinner on Saturday night; after Narelle had tried to invite them to dinner at the on site Restaurant; but it became confusing as we think Silvana thought we meant the restaurant outside of the camp site; and it ended up being easier for Silvana to invite us to dinner in her caravan. So we will keep you posted!
The Italians around us are very friendly and always want to say hello (ciao) to Charlotte; and we hand her over for cuddles with strangers in an effort to make sure that she does not get too clingy with us; this is especially important for the waiting grandparents back in Australia.

We are thinking of going to Lake Como sometime this trip, we have not booked anything further than this campsite so we are fairly flexible in terms of time, however we are filling up the diary with appointments. Our rough itinerary is as follows:

  • 2nd-7th August at Lake Maggiore
  • 7th – 16th in Switzerland somewhere most likely in the Bern area
  • 16th – 18th in Geneva with Daves previous employer
  • 18th – 23rd in Bad Wildbad meeting some friends from Holland
  • 25rd – 3rd Sept in Sweden (Gotland)
  • 3rd – 13th in Germany heading north to Belgium
  • 13th – 18th in Bruges Belguim with some friends
  • 18th Sept – 10th Oct heading north through Holland, Denmark, Sweden and maybe Norway.
  • 10th – 31st Oct selling the car and camper ( we hope!)
  • 2nd Nov – 6th Nov Singapore
  • 5th Nov – 12th Melborne
  • 12th – 19th Sydney
  • 19th Perth (for good?)

So far the only real indefinite is after the 18th of September as we are not sure where we will be or how far north we will go, as it will all depend on weather, money and time. We will keep you posted.If you fancy a vacation somewhere in Europe – and you can see youreslves ‘popping across’ to join us somwhere – just drop us an email and let us know – the more the merrier!
Make sure you check out the photos we have uploaded another 42 for your viewing pleasure.