Enticing Engelberg

Hello Fans!

Finally another update you say?! We have broken this one up into a few seperate posts to make for easier reading. We left sunny hot Italy on the Wednesday before last to continue on our way to our next destination – Switzerland. We had found a great looking campsite in our trusty Alan Rogers campsite Guidebook (which is now our bible!) that started with the words ..”.This super site has facilities which must make it one of the best in Switzerland” So being Barkers who want nothing but the best – we arrived at Camping Eienwaldli, Engelberg around 530pm. It was pouring rain and grey and gloomy and a chilly 12 deg c outside. Leaving our screaming daughter int he car – we legged it and got the camper up in record time of 25 mintues. We went to sleep that night fully prepared to move into the onsite hotel if our camper leaked or began to float away – the rain didn’t let up.

The next morning – the view took our breath away. We were overlooked by mountains – lush forest covered ones, grey rocky outcrop covered ones and even snow capped ones to the left of our awning. It was fantastic. Although the rain came and went for our stay here, it was just amazing. The campsite is DEFINATELY the best one we have been to this trip. There was hot water in the sinks that you actually needed to add cold to to get your hands in. They had a below ground bunker room that held the washing machines that were the cheapest on our trip so far – at only 2francs per wash. Also this room had a giant air blower in it that dried all your washing – or even just your teatowels in the evening if you wanted to – brilliant! The shop at this site is also the best stocked one at any campsite we have visited so far. The pastries are to die for!

There is a tv room, soap and toilet paper in the loos (this is great because in Italy and France you take your own!), good pressure in the showers (although they coast a franc it is worth it!) – it’s the little things in life eh?! The site also has an indoor pool complex. It has been done like caves or grottoes and has an adult pool and a childrens area with water slide! There are saunas, beauty treatments, spas and steam rooms! Posh camping this is! Although, it has also been on eof the cheapest campsites we have stayed at. So – we cannot recommend this place highly enough.

The views were also absolutley stunning. We spent 7 nights here and fell in love with it. The town of Engelberg has so much to offer in both summer and in winter. The sounds of clanging cow bells – (yes cows actually do wear them here!) the sounds of the rushing water – you are surrounded by it here as it comes down the mountains as the snow from the night before melts – MAGIC!

The skiing here is huge in winter and the campsite is fully equipped if you want to brave the cold to camp- with heated bathrooms and ski racks… the lot! I
Anyhow – enough bragging about where we stayed.. want to hear what we got up to during our visit?