Raving about Rome!


After the rain, we did do some “tourist stuff” in Rome – we visited the Spanish steps, many more churches, the Trevi Fountain, Vittorio Emmanuelle Monument, the Coliseum (from the outside only as we ran out of time!) and to top it off – we squeezed in a blessing by the pope!

The fashions of Rome must get a mention! Puffy Michelin tyre type jackets are the go – there were whole families wearing them! Brown, black – you name it, they wore it! And who says that white is not a winter colour – try telling these high top fashion wearing people that – there was more white around than a polar bear would wear in the snow!

Then , the footwear – well, the only way to go is the pointy toe! If your shoes aren’t pointy toed don’t bother trying. Of course, these fashions were all so extremely expensive that we just admired them from a distance even when the sales were on – and they were on!

The number of people queuing outside stores waiting for the doors to open at stores like Gucci, Beneton, Luis Vitton to name a few. Coats – of the puffy variety were sconti 50% (discounted by %50) and they still cost Euro 300 plus! It was worse than the Myer stock take sales after Christmas! You couldn’t walk down the streets as they were blocked by people queuing! The tourist stops were fairly quiet – everyone was out shopping!

More raving about some new friends! The dear Amiji brothers – were the chaps who rented out the apartment we had in Rome. David and Karim – although unseen for the first few days, we struck up quite a conversation which has led to us hosting our new Italian amici (friends) sometime in Perth! It has also led us to brag quite incessantly about their fabulous accommodation! Lovely new apartment with all the mod cons required at a reasonable price. Our two nights here became 5! So, if you are coming to Rome – check out the Vatican Two Suites, close distance to St Peters and the Vatican! I am sure that if you mention the lovely Barkers (who are still honeymooning!!) you may get a discount ;-) … well, at least a friendly smile and great English speaking hosts!

To complete our raving alla Roma – we should really tell you how much we have enjoyed Rome! In case you haven’t guessed we LOVED IT!

Dave & Narelle