Much to do – NOTHING



I guess you all want to hear the story now, about the train? To take up where I left off..

We were RUNNING – as much as you can on slippery wet marble floors carrying heavily laden packs on the front and rear of your bodies. As well as wearing layer upon layer of clothes. Gate 10 I had shouted and so there we headed expecting our train not to be there. It was – so the running began! As we came alongside the train, it started to move- very slowly – and Dave hit (on a whim) a green button. Suddenly a small step flipped down and the electric doors opened. So, at a running jump we boarded the train. Please bear in mind – do not try this – this was done under very controlled conditions and a moment of desperation.

If of course, you do find yourself attempting this, choose a carriage without a conductor.

If like us, you inadvertently choose the wrong carriage – be prepared for an onslaught of dismay and disgust in broken English (Dis isa dangheras you canna jump ona moobing tren). Yes, you will be made to feel like a small naughty school child who has done the wrong thing. Saying the words Sorry doesn’t help either. Suck it up and move on down to the other end of the train.

We made it safely to Milan. The rest of the train ride (three hours) was quiet as we sat in first class trying not to be noticed. The idea of Milan was to do NOTHING. It was suggested that Milan was not much more than a shopping destination. So we booked into a 3 star hotel and came with the hope of not seeing a museum or church for two days.

Dave says our hotel is “fine” and “you get what you pay for”. Within the budget, this place throws in a continental breakfast but lacks in a few other areas. IE Cleanliness – yes I almost had to wear my thongs in the shower! [David writes - Narelle has amazing vision for dirt, mould and anything that is out of place, therefore she easily found the mould and immediately became interested in the 100 other hotels that have according to her "better lobbies" sometimes you are never satisfied with what you have got] We have lost the tennis channel here, but have gained a channel of another sort (not by our choice). A sort that really should not be mentioned on such a family orientated website such as ours. Needless to say it is twenty-four-seven of endless unlimited viewing… I shall go no further.

A word on the lift – it is very small, and barely fits one person, let alone one person with a suitcase or two on wheels – even though people continue to try day and night. Our room was conveniently located on the second floor immediate turn (in fact, you have to shut the lift door to open our room door) right after exiting the lift. Coupled with very noisy neighbours across the 1m (just) hallway, our night of sleep was very disturbed. We changed rooms this morning into a twin bed room but hopefully a quieter location.

Off to Nice tomorrow – as planned, we have done nothing in Milan – a few hours updating the website and a walk about town (no churches or museums this time). We will update our itinerary with our new plans to keep you posted.

Dave & Narelle