Geneva, Switzerland


Our last country, before the UK and our new life in Bristol. Geneva, not the most popular tourist destination, although very handy to the ski slopes of the French Alps, is a fairly quiet city with some interesting history. There is an old Anglican Church that had its floor dug in the 70′s up to reveal an amazing history of past buildings and roads dating back to early AD and BC. This building is located in the Old Town where the streets are still cobble stone.

The first night in Geneva it snowed! The first real taste of snow, there was a lot of snow in the French Alps but this is the first lot of snow that we have seen in a major city, quite a novelty really. The hotel that we are staying at is attached to a multi-storey shopping centre that has everything from supermarket to bowling alley. Yes we went bowling, it was great fun, although the shoulders were a little sore after, I think we are getting old…

The hotel room that we have has its own internet connection which has been good for browsing and working out what to do in Geneva. It was unable however to allow us to update our web site. The currency here is in Swiss Francs, which one Franc is almost one Australian dollar, so makes budgeting a little easier, although everything is more expensive. The public transport system is fantastic, every bus stop is named and clearly marked, the bus driver calls out the stop names in advance, and the driver does not deal with money, it all relies on honesty and large fines if you get caught cheating the system. This gives the system a chance to be on time as the driver is not dealing with clients, money which always slow down the process. Everyone just gets on and the bus takes off. Great idea, and makes sense. One of the few things in Switzerland that do.

We have enjoyed Geneva, however really looking forward to catching up with Andrew & Jennifer in Zurich.

Dave & Narelle