Zurich, Switzerland


Finally Zurich! Our last city and we get to catch up with our friends, Andrew and Jennifer. We were looking forward to a home cooked meal and a bed that was not of the hotel variety, although Andrew and Jennifer would insist that it is of hotel quality. I would say that it exceeds it, as it was the second most comfortable place we have stayed, Hotel Danieli must come first, sorry guys.

Zurich grew on us the more we stayed and adapted to the Swiss way, the more we enjoyed it. We also enjoyed the fact that we did not have to do anything. The hospitality shown by Andrew & Jennifer was amazing and so greatly appreciated. We took full advantage of the fact that we could sleep in, have a breakfast when we liked, not dictated by the Hotel or the local cafe that only serves breakfast till 10. We also enjoyed the home cooked meals and the company of friends.

Zurich is a lot more tourist oriented that Geneva, it has some great sites, some interesting buildings and churches, although we did not enter one church during our stay. We got to the highest point in Zurich and took some photos, we cheated a little and took the train most of the way and walked a small portion of the way, the best way would be to walk the entire thing, maybe next time.

We ventured to Crazy Cow, which is like the American Steak Houses but Swiss style and Swiss food (mainly). They had a novel way of singing happy birthday with cow bells. Quite funny when someone mixes the bells up, as they do it by bell position rather than learning which bell makes which sound. We had a good time here, Andrew & Jennifer had vouchers that entitled us to get a “free” gift. We handed the vouchers over and got back two cow key rings and wait for it… a Crazy Cow Condom, complete with horns (see below), gives getting horny a whole new perspective ;-) .

We spent most of the week looking at getting settled into Bristol, buying a computer, finding a flat, job and all of that stuff. It has been over 35 days on the road now, and we are looking at spending time in our own place again, making our own meals and getting back to work! Yes believe it or not we are actually looking forward to working in a new country, as they say, Change is as good as a Holiday.

Next stop, the ski fields!

Dave & Narelle