Leaping Lizards Its a Leap Year!

[29 Feb 2004]

Today is the only day that women can ask men to marry them. Did anyone get the big question asked? It has been a widely publicised thing over here, maybe the marketing machine is trying to get another day, like Valentines day, or Mothers Day this will be “Proposal Day”, although only every four years, probably won’t catch on.

The weekend has been busy for Narelle, a long shift on Saturday (7:30am-8:00pm) in an intensive care unit has taken a bit out of her. We have also completed the transaction for our new set of wheels, wait for it, a Vauxhall Astra 1.6! I’m moving up in the world ;-) The insurance over here is amazingly expensive, I was warned by a few people about this but it doesn’t sink in until you actually have to pay for the insurance, which is about 40% of the cars value! The cost of living I guess.

Tomorrow is our move into the flat, pay three months in advance, buy bed and buy general kitchen stuff day. Hopefully this will go without too many problems, our first big problem is getting a bed delivered to our door in a single day! We have seen some places around that do this kind of delivery, will see if they can live up to their advertising.

The landline number that some of you may have will no longer be in service as of Tomorrow 12pm, that’s 8pm in Australia. Our mobiles are still working fine, so this is the best number to get hold of us on.

Oh yes and one last thing, The SAINTS are in the semi finals! They beat Richmond by about 50 points! Look out you lads from the west, its going to be a great year. Carn’ the mighty Saints!

Dave & Narelle