Spain Photos added to [old] site

Monday, 28 March 2005

Finally the photos for the site have been added! Our first album is of spain, there are 37 photos of our spain trip.

Also like to thank the guys we met in the Barcelona Terminal. Here is a photo of the gang.

The Gang

We have been busy since we got back from Spain and do appologise for not getting an update onto this site sooner.

We have seen a few movies lately and can recommend the following:

  • Layer Cake
  • The Incredibles

I have finished Half Life 2 and enjoyed the game, it is easy in many sections but has a few puzzles that keep you entertained, the sound is what makes the game, being able to hear things to your left and when you turn you can see what is making the noise, the graphics are excellent and the whole experience is well worth the money. Haven’t tried the online gaming yet, will have to brush up my skills before I venture into this.

Paul is coming back to us next Friday and is spending the weekend before heading to Canada to work and live for two years.

Saints lost their first game of the season, although they should have probably won as they had more scoring shots, a good start hopefully they will improve as the season goes on.