The Apartment

We have left Brighton and thanks again to Anna and John for putting up with us, or is that putting us up? We had a great time in Brighton, but now it is time to move on to the “Apartment”. Narelle booked this place and all we know is that it is on the 20th storey, is new and in the docklands area. Now the docklands area is very new and very few people know how to get there (Des you know what I mean :-) Actually thanks for the lift Des it was very much appreciated, and you are not the only one that does not know how to get there, most of the Melbourne cabbies have no idea, actually they have no idea about most of Melbourne, but don’t get me started on that one.

Ok, got to our apartment and we were blown away, huge place with a massive balcony, could not have asked for anything better. The view was amazing, had all the mod-cons (including Foxtel). The only complaint that we would have is the beds are only doubles, which means Dave’s feet hang off the end! Narelle was fine however.

Mum & Dad got in about 6pm and we had dinner down at one of the restaurants on the ground floor. There are about half a dozen restaurants there and they all seem to be pretty good, we ate that the Italian place, where Narelle practiced her Italian with the waiters. And the Malaysian place, both had great food at very good prices.

That night we did decided to buy only one present, we put our names into a hat and drew each other out, and then hit the shops the next day.

Ok I think we have bored you enough with this update.
Dave & Narelle.