UK Visas Approved!

Sorry it has taken so long to update the web site we have been very busy organising a visa for us to continue to work in the UK.

We have good news on this front in that Narelle is now sponsored by the Hospital which allows us to work in the UK for up to 5 more years. This means that we don’t have to leave the country as her work is on the short list of professions.

It has been cold here; it even snowed a week ago, which was a lot of fun. Being typical Australians that hardly get any snow we headed up to the park and took some photos and made a snowman! We had a great time, and thank goodness we walk to work.

We will try and update the web site more often. Also hi to Bill Green who we met in the line at Singapore airport two years ago. We received your email yesterday and it was great to hear that you are still looking at this web site.

Cheers, Dave.