Christmas Day, and all is good, every body was up at 7am to start what ended up being a very busy day. We all sat down to breakfast, thanks to Narelle’s organisation. This was followed by Present opening (Dave was Santa) where we gave out the presents we bought in Melbourne. We ended up with 5Kg of extra stuff that we had to cart home! Not sure where all weight came from, but it sure adds up quickly. Mental note: 21Kg in a backpack is too much.

After present opening (8:30am) we decided that we could not make 9am Mass as this will be pushing too fine and we would be running around too much. At 9:55am it was decided that we would go anyway (feeling guilty I suspect ;-) So we pile into Alison’s (Dave’s Sisters) car (which she bought off us for an absolute bargain, if we do say so ;-) . We get to Mass at 9:15am (it started at 9) and the priest is already into his homily! oops. Before we knew it, mass was over and our next step of the Christmas day starts.

Off to Flinders Pub, first however we have to get to Min’s new place. For those of you who have not met Min, she is Dave’s Grandmother (on his Dads side). There is a great story about Min, which we will post on this web site sometime soon. Anyway, picked her up with Tony Barker (thanks Tony for the lift down). The drive from Melbourne is about 1h or so.

We arrived at Flinders Pub at 11:55, 5 minutes to spare, we had to be there at 12 sharp, but in actual fact it was not until after 1pm that we were served any food. We were joined by Tony, Judy, Harrison, Bill, Min, Marg, Geoff, Chris, Alison, Paul, Dave (friend of Min’s) and we enjoyed great food and the company. We had a group photo (which is in the Melbourne photos).

After Flinders it was back to Melbourne for drinks and nibbles at Jenny and Andrews place (Dave’s Aunt and Uncle). This was a low key affair with high key wine and food. The wines that were served were absolutely amazing and I would like to thank Andrew and Jenny for hosting the Christmas afternoon, it was great to catch-up with the others that could not make it to Flinders.

Thanks to all the people that we caught up with and thanks for your patience, we know that we were late in some cases. Thanks for all the gifts that we received, we did not expect anything, so thanks, although you all added an additional 5Kg to our backpack ;-) .

Another Christmas gone, and I am sure the next one will be just around the corner.

Dave & Narelle