Windows XP & Slow Network browsing

Tuesday, 13 September 2005
[ed 12-Aug-2006: The acutal issue at our office was that the DNS server was having kittens and wasn't doing its job. Once we fixed this all our network browsing issues were resolved. It is still interesting that Windows XP has these issues but this was not the cause of ours]

This is one for the people that use Windows XP on a Windows 2000 domain (possibly 2003 domain) where the network browsing is very slow. At first I put up with it, but it came to a head today where I just couldn’t take it any more! Read more to see the fix…

To fix this issue you will need to update the registry, I have made this change and it has made a huge difference, at last no lag when browsing my network shares. Yipppeee! :-)

The details of the fix are here: KB 834350 The fix is an official Microsoft fix.

The details (for those interested):

For some reason Microsoft decided not to cache any names that do not fit the old 8.3 naming format, this format was droped in 1995 – 10 years ago! with the release of Windows ’95 however some bright spark decided that this should be the default for Windows XP! Anyway Service Pack 2 does not fix this problem, the hot fix is do the registry ‘hack’.

Hope this helps.