Whale of a Time

March 2006

[photopress:IMG_0280.JPG,thumb,alignright]Iceland was a place of interest on our ‘we’d love to go there’ list! Well, we finally did ‘get there’! With our dear friends Scott and Ains we had a fantastic 5-day break. Although an expensive city, Reykjavik is most definitely worth a visit. We went snow mobiling on glaciers, visiting hot springs and geysers, trekking to see beautiful waterfalls (well, not really trekking – more like sitting on a tourist bus!)

[photopress:P1010013.JPG,thumb,alignleft]We also braved the cold, make that freezing temperatures to follow the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis was amazing and well worth standing in the middle of nowhere being colder than we have ever felt before!

The apartment we rented was great and we cooked all our meals there – before adjourning to the balcony where we sat in the massive hot tub whilst frost formed on our hair and froze our towels.

[photopress:IMG_0523.JPG,thumb,alignright]Our one meal out was to dine the ‘Icelandic Experience’, which contained such delights as Smoked Puffin and Whale steaks! Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea!

The hi-light had to be the Blue Lagoon. A geothermal hot spring that fed up into a natural pool that people bathed in. The mud on the bottom is said to have healing properties and we joined in with the best of them – floating around and covering our faces in a white sticky mud. The place is a must visit as we floated on the plane, all the way back to the UK – completely relaxed!