Great Stuff for Sale!

[photopress:table.jpg,thumb,alignleft]As promised here is a list of the stuff we are selling. It’s not all of it as we have a lot of other smaller items such as books, glassware, cookware that we haven’t completely sorted out yet. If you want to make us an offer then please call us.

Download Stuff For Sale!

Click the arrow to download the PDF of our Stuff For Sale! The PDF is about 2MB in size so it will take a little while to download.
Larger images are available here.


  • IKEA Pine Table & 4 chairs: Available NOW ONLY £30
  • Sofas: Available NOW ONLY £40
  • Fit Balls with Video: Available NOW ONLY £5
  • Small Desk: Available NOW ONLY £10
  • Office Char: Available NOW ONLY £10

Things we have sold; thanks to all that have helped out!

  • Philips TV: Sold [Thanks Art]
  • Bed Side Tables: SOLD [Thanks Tessa]
  • Fridge: SOLD [Thanks Sally]
  • Bookcase: SOLD [Thanks Scott & Ains]
  • Black table: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Nest of tables: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Rocking Chair: SOLD
  • Lamps: SOLD
  • Blender: SOLD
  • Vacuum Cleaner: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • kettle: SOLD [Thanks Dave D]
  • Sandwich Press: SOLD
  • Juicer: SOLD
  • Seagrass Baskets Draws: SOLD [Thanks Mandy]
  • White wicker baskets:SOLD [Thanks Mels]
  • Seagrass lined baskets: SOLD @ Car Boot Sale
  • Tent: Sold [Thanks Nik & Mandy]

We have managed two camping trips but as yet have not had the energy to put the details up on this site. Will hopefully find some additional energy this weekend.

Hope to have a further update soon.

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