Finally an update!

Hi to all our lovely avid viewers….

Apologies for such a lengthy delay. Life has been crazy we have bought a house, renovated it, Narelle is back at work and our girls are growing up so fast.

We have finally settled back into the Perth routine and after deliberation we have decided not to build on our block of land as it is too far away from work. So we bought late last year a four bedroom, lounge and family (two sitting rooms), two bathrooms, good size kitchen on a 690sqm block; so enough room for the kids to play.

The house needed a lot of work so we have repainted the house (each wall was a different colour) China White (great colour by the way), totally replaced the bathrooms, recarpeted the bedrooms, added ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning and installed ceiling fans in each of the bed rooms.

We are now ready for the landscaping of the back yard but we need to sell the block in order to fund the pool, spa, new grass area, deck and patio as well as new front yard landscaping!

So busy times ahead. Narelle is doing a night shift a fortnight at various hospitals in Perth and she is teaching antenatal classes once a week.

Dave has taken a promotion at his work to Product Development Manager which means he is also very busy, but we are enjoying our times on the weekends as a family. The girls are both in swimming lessons on a Sunday morning and with the heat we have had lots of practice in Pops pool.

You will be pleased to know that we have finally got together some photos of the past 4 months. So please enjoy and drop us a line.

Lots of love

Dave, Narelle, Charlotte & Sophie

Charlottes first hair cut

Hello, Hello! We are alive! Very sorry for the delay in updating this web site, we have installed some new software (scribefire) so hopefully this will make it easier to update the web site.

Last weekend we took Charlotte to have her first hair cut, after being bald for most of her life, she is now growning some hair! The process was painless and Charlotte sat very patiently waiting for the Hairdresser ‘Mary’ to cut, comb and spray her hair. It was all over in 5 minutes, no screaming, no tears, all good.

Sophie is getting bigger,, she has started saying mmmmuuuummmmm and dddaddd, she is finding her way around the floor in comando style, she gets on her knees but does not know what to do. The two girls look very similar and they are growing up so quickly.

We will try and get photos up soon.

Lots of love

Dave, Narelle, Charlotte & Sophie.

Welcome Sophie

Sleepy We would like to announce the safe arrival of Sophie Alison Barker, who arrived very quickly at 12:41 on Tuesday the 13th May 2008, which is 13 days over due! Narelle was induced at 7:30am and was progressing slowly until 11:30 when she pronounced 1cm dilated (and the colour of the walls, which was gray), at 12:15 Narelles waters broke and in less than thirty minutes (and with no pain relief) Sophie was in Narelles arms. Sophie weighed 3.830Kg or 8lb7oz in the old scale, a decent size and a little bigger than Charlotte.

Narelle is doing very well, she was up and moving that night. We could have gone home earlier; however with Narelle feeling very tiered she took advantage of the nursery and got some well deserved sleep. We ended up leaving the Hospital early Saturday morning.

Another group shot The Alison part of Sophie’s name comes from Daves Grandmother who was Margery Alison.

Charlotte has been very good and a very caring big sister. She has been trying to kiss Sophie and help pat her on the tummy to settle her. Charlotte can say “So” for Sophie and knows that she is her sister, which is said something like “sis’a” (missing the ‘t’ sound).

Check out the photos here.

Charlottes Baptism

Perth Skyline from the river We arrived back in Perth on the 22nd of November 2007, we had flown in from Sydney after our trip from Melbourne to Sydney by car which was fantastic. The roads are great and the drive was a gentle welcome back to life in Aus. We would like to thank Narelles Aunt and Uncle for putting up with us all and for the accommodation, we had a great time in Sydney, although I don’t think we could live there.

On arrival back into Perth we had already organised Fr Des, the priest Charlottes Baptism who married us in 2003, to babptise Charlotte on the 2nd Decemeber. On arrival back into Perth we had  to organise jobs and transport. Dave had a successful interview with his previous employer and starts on the 12th Dec, and Narelle also had a successful interview at her previous employer and starts before Dave on the 10th! We managed to purchase two cars a Renault Scenic (the same car we had in the UK) and a Holden (Vauxhal) Commodore Station Wagon (Estate).

With very little time to get fully organised the 2nd of December came very quickly.  We Chilled out all had a great day, Charlotte didn’t cry too much even though it was right on her lunch time (12:30). Evan our best man who is also Charlottes god father was showing a book to Charlotte to entertain her, on the page with a dolphin Charlotte lets out this funny dolphin noise (a-a-a-a) it was the first time she had seen a dolphin, but with Evan just saying the word Charlotte new the noise that it makes, it was quite unexpected.

After the baptism we had a picnic lunch back at Narelles parents place, where we are currently staying. We plan to stay here for about 12-18 months  while we plan the build on our block.

More updates to follow soon, sorry its has taken so long! Make sure you check out our photos on flickr.

Back in Oz

It has been a while since we last updated the web site and a lot has happened in that time so we will try and keep this post as short as possible. On our return to the UK we hit our first major traffic jam and it took us 7 hours to get back to Cheltenham when it should have taken three; which just reinforced our decision to return back to Perth.

We gave our selves three weeks to sell the remaining worldly possessions such as our car, folding camper and all the remaining camping stuff. The camper was sold within 5 days of getting back and the car was sold four days after advertising it on Autotrader. The rest of our stuff we managed to sell at a boot sale with Scott and Ains. We also spent three weeks catching up with all of our friends which was great and hard at the same time.

On the first of November we flew out of London to Singapore where we spent four nights with Narelles family; John and Anna. The flight to Singapore was great, Charlotte managed to sleep about eight hours which left four hours of entertaining, feeding and playing, she was so well behaved and actually seemed to enjoy it. The staff on Singapore were great and helped where ever they could.

In Singapore we managed to get Charlotte into the new time-zone and she slept through with out any problems. We also were able to relax for the first time since leaving Denmark; although we were not working and going with friends it was a very stressful time trying to move house once again and this time half way around the world. We would like to thank Anna and John for having us stay with them and the hospitality and generosity were very much appreciated and not expected.

From Singapore we headed to Melbourne on a midnight flight, Charlotte managed about four hours of sleep; we managed about two. We arrived in Melbourne at 11am, feeling a little tired and Charlotte on the verge of hunger we decided to feed her and have some lunch ourselves, however we couldn’t remember our pin numbers for our Australian cards and then this confused us even more with our UK cards, it took us almost an hour before we had some Australian dollars.

We would like to thank and say farewell to all of our friends in the UK it was great to catch up with you all in the three weeks we had in Cheltenham and it was very difficult to say goodbye to you all again.

End is near

We are currently in Denmark having a two week rest before returning to England for three weeks to sell our worldly possessions before returning back to Australia on the 1st November. It has been a great holiday and it has gone so quickly, we can’t believe that we have been on the road for more than three months.

We have rented a house in Denmark for the two weeks that is located a long way from anywhere which is great as it forces us to do nothing. This is the first holiday where we have sat still, we normally do lots of touring and never stay in one place, not ever. So it is slowing us down and we are really enjoying the time under a solid roof where Charlotte can crawl and play; and we can go to the bathroom in the middle on the night without any additional effort (we think this must be a recurring theme).

We leave Denmark on the 9th Oct to be back in the UK by the 10th. We have also updated this blog with a lot of back-dated posts so make sure you check them all out.

Trevor in Travemunde

We trekked about 540km from near Eersel, Holland to Travemunde, near Lubeck, Germany. Here we met up with Travelling Piano Man Trevor! He is an old friend from way back….. who is now travelling the world playing piano and singing for a living! He organised a hotel for us and when we arrived at where he was playing – we realised why we were not staying there. The Hotel Arosa was very fancy and when we fronted up, in our cleanest jeans to the foyer to listen to Trevor’s gig that night, we felt pretty frumpy! Still, a beer for Dave and a fruity number (complete with umbrella!) for Narelle, and we were bopping along to Trev’s tunes quite happily. Charlotte was asleep in her buggy.

The next morning we met Trev for his famous tour of Lubeck! Well, not really famous, but seeing as he’d done it a few times before, we gave him the honorary title. We jumped on the train and headed into this very old town (about 20 mins away). We started at the front gates, which are very old and sloping pretty badly. We visited a lovely old square, cobbled streets of course and saw a big cathedral. IT had been badly damaged in the war and the bells had been left where they fell when they were bombed. It was quite eerie.

After a visit to the weirdest shop ever – a marzipan heaven (if you like marzipan!). You could buy anything here, made out of marzipan. Being German, they had every imaginable pork product (made out of marzipan!) mini ham legs, pork roasts, sausages, trotters, pig’s heads… the list goes on. We bought the customary piece of fruit (a strawberry) and a chocolate covered piece of marzipan (we had hoped the chocolate would disguise the taste of the marzipan!) and we sample our wares with a coffee on the square. Sorry Trev, but we are not converts!

After a typical German lunch of sausage in a bun standing up at the stall like the locals, we walked the streets in the glorious sunshine for a few hours. We went towards the bridge and on the way back (after coffee and cake of course!) we strolled the streets of the old town. We headed back to Travemunde for an early dinner at in Italian bistro, where the waiter spoke German to Trev and Italian for Dave and I! It was great!

Thanks for a gret visit Trev, hope the rest of your touring goes well. See you in Perth some time next year.