Whale of a Time

March 2006 [photopress:IMG_0280.JPG,thumb,alignright]Iceland was a place of interest on our ‘we’d love to go there’ list! Well, we finally did ‘get there’! With our dear friends Scott and Ains we had a fantastic 5-day break. Although an expensive city, Reykjavik is most definitely worth a visit. We went snow mobiling on glaciers, visiting hot springs […]

House Moves

February 2006 After 2 yrs of living in 1 bedroom flats and having our guests sleep on our lounge room floor – we have upgraded! [photopress:IMG_0233.jpg,thumb,alignleft] [photopress:IMG_0540.jpg,thumb,alignright]We are now in a 3 bedroom cottage – with original Cotswold country stone and exposed beams in the living room! It came complete with a pub next door! […]

Aussie Ahoy

HOORAY an UPDATE! We apologise profusely for the long time between drinks (updates!) We have no excuse (other than travelling, working and life being generally busy!) So, grab yourselves a drink, sit back and enjoy the read…… December 2005 It has been nearly 2 years since we left Perth. We thought it best be home […]

Dave’s Cars

[2004 – Present] 1997 Vauxhall Astra Duo. This is not the most flattering car but it is our first wheels in the UK! So it is worth a mention. It is a massive 1.6L Petrol motor, sun roof (not the same as the convertible). This should be ok as our daily runabout, to get us […]


Welcome to davidnarelle.com. This is our website where we post the stuff that is happening in our lives. We try and post as often as we can which at the moment is not too often. The best bet is to subscribe to our RSS feed! We hope you enjoy your visit and pleases feel free […]


Welcome back to the new look DavidNarelle.com. We have been busy gathering all of our old content and migrating it across to the new web site so you will be able to see where we have been and hopefully we will keep things up to date. The new web site uses new techniques for the […]

Thanks to

Here is an archive of our thanks going out to people who helped us during our time traveling. [26-Feb-2004] A very special thanks to Neil for finding us a car, house (flat) and helping us settle into the Bristol way of life. Best of luck with the job searching and finding a flat of your […]