We’ve Bought A Camper

[photopress:b67b_1.JPG,thumb,alignright]We have always said that we would never tow anything, ever! But when we looked closer at the secondhand camper-van market, we came to realise that you really get what you pay for, and for the budget that we are on, you basically get a 15 year old rust bucket that is probably not that […]

She is getting bigger!

[photopress:img_0377.jpg,thumb,alignleft]It has been an interesting week. It snowed (properly) here in Cheltenham for the first time this season and it hung around for a couple of days. [photopress:img_0365.jpg,thumb,alignright]We received about 10cm of snow on the Wednesday night and had a bit of a walk through the snow with Charlotte. Being Australian snow is always an […]

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Yesterday was Charlotte’s One Month Birthday (four weeks exactly, I know its not the 9th…), and hasn’t the time flown. It also marks the birth date of our friends Dave & Anne Merrin who gave birth to their second child Joseph Andrew, weighing 6Lb 15oz born at 12:44 almost exactly a month apart from Charlotte. […]

Week 4!

[photopress:img_0166.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Not much to report this week. Relatively quiet on the baby front; except between 9pm and Midnight! We think Charlotte may have a dose of colic where she just screams and screams. We have a few solutions that seem to work, the pram/push chair puts her to sleep most times as does the sling; and […]