[photopress:img_0487.jpg,thumb,alignleft]The time came on Saturday for us to say goodbye to Marg and Geoff. Many thanks to them (Granny and G’Pa) for staying with us and spending time with your granddaughter. [photopress:img_0484.jpg,thumb,alignright]It was lovely having you both and we look forward to seeing you again later this year. [photopress:img_0485.jpg,thumb,alignleft] We have taken a range of […]

Lottie’s first holiday

[photopress:img_0505.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Well greetings Lottie followers… last week had Lottie getting a taste of what’s to come on the travelling scene! She took her first plane ride! We headed off at 400am on Saturday morning to fly into Edinburgh where we rented a car and drove to our fabulous accommodation. [photopress:img_0326.jpg,thumb,alignright]We cannot plug Muirhall Farm enough – […]

Out to Lunch

[photopress:IMG_0273.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Well, after a big weekend of being out to lunch on both Saturday and Sunday – Sunday night saw the entire Barker household in bed under the duvets by 10 past 8 ! Adults included! So, apologies for not updating Sunday night! [photopress:IMG_0272_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]Marg and Geoff spent a great 10 days touring through Florence and Rome. […]

Busy 2 weeks

[photopress:img_0183.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Sorry about not updating last week to you all, our fellow Lottie fans! When you read about how bust we have been, you will forgive us we hope! Dave had his week of paternity leave the week before last and we did not stop at home for more then an hr or two a day! […]