First Day in France

Today we have managed to get our little camper across the Channel and into France. We were on the 10am ferry and we just made it on even after getting up at 6am after Charlotte decided to wake and feed every two hours during the night. Our first night in France is in a motel […]

On our way

HELLOOOO!!!! We’re AWAY!!!! This is going to be the shortest update ever! After leaving Cheltenham a day behind schedule (although, being on hols now we don’t really have a schedule!) – we went to Abergavenny on Fri. Our campsite was fantastic even though it was a mud pit by Monday! Thanks to Nik, Mand, […]

Busy Weekend

This weekend we have been busy catching up with people as will the next three weeks! So as we get closer to our final date we are getting busier and busier with social events (it’s a hard life I know). We managed to fit in Neil and Fran in Bristol and Pat in Didmartin. For […]

We have moved!

Well we are rapidly approaching the start of our 109 day camping trip! We have three major steps to get there, the first was to sell our stuff, the second was to move out of Kilkenny (our three bed cottage in the cotswolds) and the third is to get the camper ready for our trip. […]