On the 13th September we headed from Holland to Belgium to Brugge (Bruges in English) to meet up with Scott, Ains, Peanut (Ains bump), Carl, Vick, Will and Dougie. We rented a very nice and very stylish 19th Century terrace house in the centre of Brugge with cobbled streets out the front and a very […]

Stockholm, in Brief

Friday saw us on our marathon mission again, to leave Gotland and find our campsite in Bredang (about 20 mins by tube out of Stockholm). We managed to find it, and are taking advantage of their wireless access for internet here. We have rented a little (and I mean little!) room, with bunk beds and […]

Group Shots

A huge thankyou to Emma and Charlie, Jen and Will for a great time altogether in Gotland. It was so nice being with you all and we had a wonderful time. Our movie ideas (involving Arnie!), our Yatzee nights, Lobster party, singing crazy nursery rhymes and all the physical activities (daily baseball and football games, […]

Girlie Time

During out time with Emma and Charlie, Matilde and Charlotte had plenty of time to ‘catch up!’. I have put a few pics here – really because they are so cute! There was plenty of eye gouging, hair and ear pulling, food stealing, clambering over and on top of, as well as sharing, caring, giggling […]

Hi ho Silver

Emma and I wanted to go horseback riding. We had wanted to go in the Uk but ran out of time…. now was our chance! The neighbour where we were staying had a couple of horses for her daughter, but she recommended some stable that she said were really worthwhile. So we called and booked. […]