Casual Cycle

We had nice weather on Monday in Gotland. Emma and Charlie had a great idea for the day. ‘Let’s hire bikes and go for this lovely little casual cycle around a small island off Gotland. We can rent bikes and ride them onto the free barge that takes you over the other side. We know […]

Transport Delights

We left for Gotland, from Frankfurt Hahn airport on Friday 24th August. We spent the evening before, Thurs the 23rd with Lauren and Justin, eating and drinking whilest discussing travel plans. Hope all is going well for you guys! Friday morning saw us up at 5am! We were then on the 625am barge to cross […]

Bad Wildbad

In 2005 I attended a midwifery conference in the quaint German town of Bad Wildbad. It was such a pretty little place I vowed to take Dave back there. So, we took this opportunity to meet up with our great mates, Cath and Flip. They were even keen to lower their usual 5 star standard, […]

Tit(li)s and All

Sunday saw us heading to the 3000m mountain named Mt Titlis. The area of Engelberg is surrounded by mountains with cable cars to get up them. There are several cable car stops and different routes you can take to explore them all. It would take a very long visit to get through them all so […]

Hiking High

The weather on Friday (10th August) was lovely so we decided to putLottie in a sling a tackle some of the hiking trails around us. Narelletook her on they way there, and Dave on the way back! There is a area called Furenalps that we wlked to from the campsitethat took about 45 minutes. We […]

Enticing Engelberg

Hello Fans! Finally another update you say?! We have broken this one up into a few seperate posts to make for easier reading. We left sunny hot Italy on the Wednesday before last to continue on our way to our next destination – Switzerland. We had found a great looking campsite in our trusty Alan […]

Recent Days

We have had a couple of outings in the past few days. We went to Stresa and visited the funivia which is a cable car that takes you to the top of Mountain with amazing views. A great ski spot but also very beautiful in summer. Saturday night was a great success with dinner at […]

Leisurely Lazy Lakes

We arrived yesterday at this beautiful camp site Camping Italia Lido. It is set on the southern tip of Lake Maggiore. The facilities are basic but kept very clean; the main attraction is definately the lake. For the first time on this vacation we are surrounded by locals (Italians); so far we have always been […]