Back in Oz

It has been a while since we last updated the web site and a lot has happened in that time so we will try and keep this post as short as possible. On our return to the UK we hit our first major traffic jam and it took us 7 hours to get back to Cheltenham when it should have taken three; which just reinforced our decision to return back to Perth.

We gave our selves three weeks to sell the remaining worldly possessions such as our car, folding camper and all the remaining camping stuff. The camper was sold within 5 days of getting back and the car was sold four days after advertising it on Autotrader. The rest of our stuff we managed to sell at a boot sale with Scott and Ains. We also spent three weeks catching up with all of our friends which was great and hard at the same time.

On the first of November we flew out of London to Singapore where we spent four nights with Narelles family; John and Anna. The flight to Singapore was great, Charlotte managed to sleep about eight hours which left four hours of entertaining, feeding and playing, she was so well behaved and actually seemed to enjoy it. The staff on Singapore were great and helped where ever they could.

In Singapore we managed to get Charlotte into the new time-zone and she slept through with out any problems. We also were able to relax for the first time since leaving Denmark; although we were not working and going with friends it was a very stressful time trying to move house once again and this time half way around the world. We would like to thank Anna and John for having us stay with them and the hospitality and generosity were very much appreciated and not expected.

From Singapore we headed to Melbourne on a midnight flight, Charlotte managed about four hours of sleep; we managed about two. We arrived in Melbourne at 11am, feeling a little tired and Charlotte on the verge of hunger we decided to feed her and have some lunch ourselves, however we couldn’t remember our pin numbers for our Australian cards and then this confused us even more with our UK cards, it took us almost an hour before we had some Australian dollars.

We would like to thank and say farewell to all of our friends in the UK it was great to catch up with you all in the three weeks we had in Cheltenham and it was very difficult to say goodbye to you all again.

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