Bad Wildbad

In 2005 I attended a midwifery conference in the quaint German town of Bad Wildbad. It was such a pretty little place I vowed to take Dave back there. So, we took this opportunity to meet up with our great mates, Cath and Flip. They were even keen to lower their usual 5 star standard, and meet us in a campsite!

(still, their little apartment they rented – was a great treat for us!) We spent 5 days here, enjoying the walks and Cath and Flip took time to indulge in their passion of mountain biking.

We tried to rent bikes, and had a couple lined up but couldn’t get a helmet or bike seat small enough for Charlotte – so it was not to be this trip!

We took a couple of drives to surrounding towns like Calmbach and Calw (and no, this is not a spelling mistake – there actually is a place by this name!) We sampled Black Forest Gateau (as you have to when in the black forest!), the wonderful chocolate florentines and went on some great walks.

There is a small funicular railway that takes you up to the top of one of the small alps in the town of Bad Wildbad. It is a very popular downhill mountain biking place with treacherous looking paths aiming straight down. The funicular was full of guys with their bikes, wearing their fulls suits of protective gear. We went up here and had a little stroll, then back down the mountain – for coffee of course!

Charlotte had a great time scuffling about on the floor of Cath and Flip’s apartment. She loved having breakfast on the balcony and looking at the ‘other baby’ on the mirror there! Thanks so much for meeting uop with guys, we had a great time. It was wonderful to see you again. And of course, you are welcome – with the fancy coffee machine – to join us at any campsite, any time!!

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