Busy 2 weeks

[photopress:img_0183.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Sorry about not updating last week to you all, our fellow Lottie fans! When you read about how bust we have been, you will forgive us we hope! Dave had his week of paternity leave the week before last and we did not stop at home for more then an hr or two a day!

Monday saw us taking Cath and Flip back to Bristol – thanks for a great weekend guys!

Tuesday had us driving up to Wolverhampton to pick up our new camper – or should we say portable home for 4 months! Our first towing on the motorway experience proved to be less nerve racking then we thought.

[photopress:img_0171.jpg,thumb,alignright]Then Wednesday, it was back to Bristol for our Lottie to have her tongue tie snipped. Sounds worse then it really was (thankfully!). A few minutes in an office with the lovely Rachel, a quick snip with a pair of scissors and onto the breast for a big drink. Feeding now, is so much more comfortable – the nipples have recovered and Lottie can take longer drinks without tiring so easily. She also loves showing off her new tongue! She is forever sticking it out and this week has started to smile.

[photopress:img_0140.jpg,thumb,alignleft]The arrival of Marg and Geoff (Dave’s parents) has been wonderful. The extra hands for cuddles, housework and excuses for visits to coffee shops has been fantastic! They have named themselves – G’Pa and Granny and at the moment are seeing the sights of Rome and Florence for a week.

[photopress:img_0156_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]We had a great lunch with many friends last Sunday for Dave’s birthday. (yes, he really is 32 now – getting on a bit isn’t he!!) A huge thanks to Carl and Vic, Terry and Alan. Scott and Ains, Dave and Anne and Marg and Geoff for celebrating with us at the Rising Sun. Credit to the staff and other patrons there as we were a huge table of 12 adults, three newborn babies and 2 toddlers – and we all ate and drank to our hearts content! [photopress:img_0158.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Poor old Charlotte, frocked up in her first dress bought by Granny – looked so sweet, but had terrible colic and spent the afternoon screaming or feeding! After a Thai meal at our favourite, The Vine on Monday night – we took Dave home for chocolate cake, complete with candles!

[photopress:img_0097.jpg,thumb,alignright]The rest of the week was spent out and about with Marg and Geoff. A visit to Bristol saw us walking across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The weather was terrible and we battled rain and big winds – but it had to be done! We all walked across, and then back again to heat up with a coffee at the White Lion pub nearby.

[photopress:img_0149.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Our little girl is now getting bigger. She has shifted her hours of screaming from the 8pm till midnight , to the afternoon 1pm till 5pm timeslot! This is tricky at the time, but for the last 7 days, she has (touch wood!) gone to bed between 7 and 8 pm. She has a good feed, then goes into her cot still awake. We let her cry (checking on her at 10 minute intervals to ‘reassure her!’) and the most it has taken has been 40 minutes! She has learnt to ‘self soothe’! (Can you tell we have read a couple of books lately!) This then leads to … wait for it…… 7 to 10 hours before the next feed! Yep – you read correctly, it can be done – the earliest she has woken has been 330 am and the latest has been close to 7am! It has been absolutely brilliant – so hooray for our Lottie!

Goodness, what a lot of writing we have done, or even more – reading you have done! Till next week …… ciao for now Don’t forget to take a gander at our photos

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