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After Brugge in Belgium we headed back to our camper that was waiting patiently for us. Its amazing how it has taken three months of camping for us to get fully organised with the camper. We are finally at a balance of stuff that we have taken and it all seems to fit so well now. It was actually nice returning back to the camper although we did really enjoy the house in Brugge and definitely miss the toilet and kitchen facilities but we are only here for a week more. We have decided to stay put here in Camping Da Paal for a week longer as we have booked a house in Denmark for two weeks that starts on the 25th September and we are catching up with one of Narelles mates from Australia in Lubeck the weekend before.

Have we mentioned that we really like Camping Da Paal? On the way home from Belgium we agreed to meet the Spits family whom we met in Italy at Camping Arizona <insert link>. This family live in Einhoven which is a 20 minute drive from our campsite. We had a nice meal of Soup and Pancakes (savory and sweet ones) and the girls had a really good but short play with Charlotte. We were late to dinner as we did not leave the house in Brugge until 5pm (Dave was helping with the house WiFi internet access and got caught up with a few technical issues). As we were late, we invited the family to come and see us at Camping Da Paal as they had always wanted to see the campsite (as they had heard of it before) and would love to see Charlotte (and us) again. So we arranged for them to come on Saturday; the day before we left to go to Lubek in Germany.

On the Friday before the Spits family were visiting, Charlotte decided that her breakfast (which consists of Porridge or Wheat-a-bix) wasn’t sitting right and threw up the remnants of her entire meal and when that was finished she kept on going and bile came up. With that her colour drained from her body and she became like a rag doll so floppy and tired. It was such a drastic change from little more than 30 minutes ago. We were in the Laundry doing our weekly wash, and Charlotte was supposed to be sleeping in the push chair, Charlotte had woken and Narelle decided that she would rock her a little to see if she would go back to sleep, as Narelle checked on Charlotte the vomiting started.

Narelle rushed to reception where they made a doctors appointment for us while Dave got the car. The directions, that were written in Dutch, had been translated by reception so that we could find the doctors surgery. After examining Charlotte the doctor thought that it was just a stomach virus but was concerned about Charlotte being so floppy and her colour (she was very pale with a slight yellow tinge). So we were booked into the Veldhoven (MMC) hospital for some blood tests and checkup. At this point Charlotte was still vomiting she didn’t want any milk and she couldn’t hold herself up. After the doctors we headed straight to the hospital; thank goodness for Autoroute and the GPS unit that we bought before we left.

The hospital care was great, we were seen to very quickly where they then organised for blood and urine tests. Charlotte was weighed and measured; she now weighs 6.84Kg and measures 69cm; her weight is still on the small side but her length is just below average for her age. After her blood test we all went to have lunch as it was now after two o’clock in the afternoon. Charlotte took her first lot of milk since that morning and within half an hour she was returning to her normal self. She spoke to the doctor, started doing her waving and her colour was returning which made us all very happy. The blood tests came back normal as did her urine, she wasn’t dehydrated and there was no real concern for the cause of the episode. Within a few hours Charlotte was totally back to her normal self.

After this ordeal Dave decided that as Belgium was only a 20 minute drive away that we should all go and have Belgium waffles, as we had done in Brugge. So with that we found a small town not too far away over the border where we found a small ice cream shop that sold fresh hot waffles laced with sugar, these things are so good! A long stressful day came to an uneventful end and we were all very happy about that.

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