Charlottes Baptism

Perth Skyline from the river We arrived back in Perth on the 22nd of November 2007, we had flown in from Sydney after our trip from Melbourne to Sydney by car which was fantastic. The roads are great and the drive was a gentle welcome back to life in Aus. We would like to thank Narelles Aunt and Uncle for putting up with us all and for the accommodation, we had a great time in Sydney, although I don’t think we could live there.

On arrival back into Perth we had already organised Fr Des, the priest Charlottes Baptism who married us in 2003, to babptise Charlotte on the 2nd Decemeber. On arrival back into Perth we had  to organise jobs and transport. Dave had a successful interview with his previous employer and starts on the 12th Dec, and Narelle also had a successful interview at her previous employer and starts before Dave on the 10th! We managed to purchase two cars a Renault Scenic (the same car we had in the UK) and a Holden (Vauxhal) Commodore Station Wagon (Estate).

With very little time to get fully organised the 2nd of December came very quickly.  We Chilled out all had a great day, Charlotte didn’t cry too much even though it was right on her lunch time (12:30). Evan our best man who is also Charlottes god father was showing a book to Charlotte to entertain her, on the page with a dolphin Charlotte lets out this funny dolphin noise (a-a-a-a) it was the first time she had seen a dolphin, but with Evan just saying the word Charlotte new the noise that it makes, it was quite unexpected.

After the baptism we had a picnic lunch back at Narelles parents place, where we are currently staying. We plan to stay here for about 12-18 months  while we plan the build on our block.

More updates to follow soon, sorry its has taken so long! Make sure you check out our photos on flickr.

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