Charlottes first hair cut

Hello, Hello! We are alive! Very sorry for the delay in updating this web site, we have installed some new software (scribefire) so hopefully this will make it easier to update the web site.

Last weekend we took Charlotte to have her first hair cut, after being bald for most of her life, she is now growning some hair! The process was painless and Charlotte sat very patiently waiting for the Hairdresser ‘Mary’ to cut, comb and spray her hair. It was all over in 5 minutes, no screaming, no tears, all good.

Sophie is getting bigger,, she has started saying mmmmuuuummmmm and dddaddd, she is finding her way around the floor in comando style, she gets on her knees but does not know what to do. The two girls look very similar and they are growing up so quickly.

We will try and get photos up soon.

Lots of love

Dave, Narelle, Charlotte & Sophie.

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