Dave’s Cars

[2004 – Present] 1997 Vauxhall Astra Duo.

This is not the most flattering car but it is our first wheels in the UK! So it is worth a mention. It is a massive 1.6L Petrol motor, sun roof (not the same as the convertible). This should be ok as our daily runabout, to get us to work and some touring around the country side.
[2001 – 2003] 1996 Eunos Roadster VR Limited Edition (Mazda MX5).

This was my pride and joy for two years, and with Perth’s weather it was the a great car to take the hood down, even in the middle of winter! I bought this car from a man named Lance Bennet, his father, David Bennet actually knew my Grandfather during the second world war! They then trained as dentists together, they both still remember one another. Once I heard this story (during the test drive) I knew that I had to have that car. I would highly recommend this car, it has a great engine, I know of one that has 240,000 km and is still going very strong so don’t be put off by high mileage cars, just make sure that they have most of the service history as they do need to be looked after. The ride is very firm and the car corners like it is on rails (great fun). Here are some pictures of my baby who has been handed on and hopefully still enjoying the great weather.

[1999 – 2003] 1998 Nissan Pulsar Lx 1.6L

Just before I bought the Roadster this was my runabout car, I bought it in order to trade up from the Cordia, which had been off the road for about a month (I was sick of old cars breaking down!). The car is very reliable, the ride is soft, but what would you expect from a cheap car like the Pulsar. All in all the Pulsar is a good buy and holds its value quite well, we bought ours for 15,000 and sold it for 10,000 three four years later (to my sister so hopefully all is still well ;-).

[1998 – 1999] 1985 Mitsubishi Cordia 1.8 Turbo.

What a great little car! Front wheel drive, but with the turbo makes it for some fun driving. Apparently these cars were such a threat to the police that a few made it into the police force, similar to that of the WRX now, I guess the WRX will be a great buy in 10 years (as long as the motors and turbo’s hold out). I don’t have any pictures of the Cordia, but its boxy square rough corners make it somewhat attractive in a weird kind of way.

[1996 – 1998] 1975 Ford Escort Ghia 1.6L

My first real car that I purchased. I was 21 and was offered this car for $1500, it was very reliable and the engine was so simple that I could work on it without any trouble. Had a few electrical issues (fuse box rusted out as it is under the hood protected by some shoddy plastic work). The suspension mounts were also cracked which did not help the ride or safety. Great first car, helped me understand the internal mechanics of the engine which I have not used since!

[1992-1996] 1980 Holden WB Ute One Tonne

I used this car during the building of my parents home. I was the general labourer on site doing all odd jobs. Once the house was complete I used the car to go to Uni and out to the pub. I lost count the number of times I was pulled over by the police just for a “random” inspection check. The car was canary yellow which attracted a lot of attention, often called the beast. The car died an ugly death and was given away (well almost).

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